Monday evening

Wanna get in on our fajitas with various hot sauces?


Yes please! That sounds amazing.

Me too. Could’ve really done with not going to campus tomorrow.

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Ah, feeling properly sad now.

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Thanks. Just in a mood for reasons beyond my control tbh

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Finally getting round to watching All Quiet On The Western Front, and it’s bloody overdubbed in English. Wanted to watch it with subtitles ffs

If it’s on Netflix there should be an option to switch?

I had that issue with a French thing before - I Lost My Body. Think I switched halfway through hah, couldn’t be bothered restarting but did actually want the original version

There isn’t weirdly, or at least that I can see.

Oh, found it, but I’m in now. Will have to rewatch with subs on I suppose. Just takes you out of it a bit.

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Do wish they defaulted to the original language tbh and you could change to dubs if you wanted, but maybe that’s shitty from an access POV

It also suits my wife better who has watched it with subs and couldn’t concentrate/can’t read small subs on the TV, so she’s more into it this time round

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Turns out I haven’t actually lost my sense of smell with this bout of Covid. OR it’s come back really really quickly. It’s a mystery.

Watching a bit of only connect

Salthouse? Was meant to be a reply to OP (@safebruv)

Making some excellent progress with my puzzle this afternoon/evening :blush:

We had oven pizzas and salad for dinner, got leftover :pizza: and :green_salad: for lunch tomorrow now too

Gonna watch some TV soon and eat cake.


as if there’s someone on the BANGOR university challenge team called POUNDER



Think the imodium I took yesterday morning in order to not shit myself while travelling home is finally wearing off.

It’s going to be a horrendous night, I suppose.

It’s a nice hotel at least!

Just been looking at the price of cars. Made me even sadder ffs