Monday evening

Hello, it’s evening now



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Where were you please?

Skipped a gig, will regret it in a week but didn’t have it in me tonight

Nachos for dinner, very excited. Projector lamp still en route, so will watch some entertainment on a little laptop screen for the full uni nostalgia trip

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Having ratatouille and air fried spuds for dinner. Got a beer and a playlist on the go. Fine. Get to walk on the coast tomorrow :heart:


Did the big shop after work then came home and made tacos and nachos for tea. That’s about it for Monday.

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Really enjoying the quiet.

Should probably hoover but CBA.




Listening to Metronomy whilst eating my dinner, having a nice time. Waiting to hear for the beckon from upstairs when it is time for the bedtime story.

First day back at work after our holiday. Do you know what? There were times when I zoned out and was nowhere. Might need to work on that this week, add some semblance of professionalism.

Not sure what to do this evening? Read?

Don’t do it!



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  • Curious to try
  • No
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Last evening in York. Been a lovely day:

  • bacon sandwiches for breakfast
  • Museum Gardens
  • National Rail Museum
  • picnic lunch
  • Clifford Tower (nice for the views)
  • another park ft. geese
  • pizza for dinner

Legs are v. tired though. Really wishing I could bring a couple of camping chairs to the Boygenius gig tomorrow like a boomer


I heard a description of the South Park episode ‘Scott Tenorman Must Die’ (a favourite but one I haven’t seen in ages) and that sentence alone had me absolutely fkn creasing

listening to Fennesz while applying for yet another university job

I want those perks god dammit

Went to Dion Fortune’s grave. Took her some flowers. It was right by a grave that had M’s name on it, which is really unusual in this country. Hope by physician they actually mean wizard (on which note, I also bought tickets to a wizard/mind reading show for tomorrow night :sweat_smile:)

Went in a potions shop. Bought some wool. Started a jumper. Was very sorely tempted to buy a belt made out of a broken Polly Pocket that had been painted day glo. Met a purple dog. Saw some flowers that looked like galaxies. Wrote a decent story about a never-ending lane in my Uncanny class whilst eating chilli. Probably gonna read Kala whilst attempting to crochet now


Had a nap and feel like I’ve fallen outside of time itself


Think 9:30 might be my new bed time :eyes: