Monday evening


started to rewatch peep show last night, someone in the comments said “I watched this after seeing super hans live.”

find it weird that anyone old enough to have seen superhans DJing wouldn’t have already watched peep show but i guess it started a really long time ago now

who would the equivalent be for people in their late 20’s? closest i can think is football players becoming pundits or managers

i have to pack as i’m going to plymouth with work tomorrow

what you doing?


Yeah I ran into a couple of mates on Saturday who said they’d just seen Super Hans djing, in character. Baffling. Nice that he’s still making a living off it though…I suppose…



Made Persian rice with roast vegetables and tahini for tea. Definitely need to work on the rice, was too much oranges and not enough nuts, plus the recipe I used had no butter which seemed off, so no crust… Good though…might see wgatOttolenghi recommends

Watching strongmen on Dave and thinking about going to bed early as off to Liverpool tomorrow, exciting stuff




could’ve done with the edit function there couldn’t you



having a really low confidence day today.


me too!


let’s tell each other we’re great


I’m having a reasonable confidence day but I can definitely say you’re great.


I’m doing very little. Eating some Cadburys biscuits and about to have a big cup of tea.

Day off tomorrow! It’s looking sunny :sunny:


Didn’t get out of bed until four. Was back in the pub by half-five. Physically I feel alright but the hangover fear is real.

Kind of sick of being alone. I’ve been asked about my love life by a load of my mates the last few days and all I could say was that nothing was going on.

Probably going to drink some more but have an early night.



Apparently sold out SWG3 in Glasgow too.


doing the door at a folk gig tonight. almost all of the punters are the same age as my mum. trying to remember the name of the old 60s folk club in Manchester that she always tells me about. @Scout, you know all the things that ever happened in Manchester, buildings-wise, you must know what it was called?


me too too! group hug


no uni challenge fuck off.


need to pack too for Dublin

woefully unprepared and shitting myself about the plane. yayy


Just leaving work. Got a bit of work back from a freelancer and realised that I have made a total bash of this massive piece of work, that’s gonna take a lot to undo. Having a bit of a meltdown tbh, need to sort myself out pretty quickly.


I thought that but Autumnwatch has turned out to be fairly good. Got some orange and lemon drizzle cake and tea on the go too.