Monday evening


The weather really is turning isn’t it.

I bought all the ingredients for my favourite food at the moment, chicken and potato curry.

How’s you?


Tried to have a productive day off … mild success. Made a good list, fucked a few things off, but didn’t get out for a walk and friend bailed on a plan. Ho hum

Tempting myself to go out to a gig of a band I wasn’t aware of until a few hours ago, cos I never do that spontaneously. We’ll see if the urge is still there in an hour


I tried to find an onion but I could not

An affable young barista upgraded my coffee to a larger size for free due to a mixup on their part

A small dog barked at a bigger one for a long time


Tonight I will put lots of nice things on top of my pizza



Going to drink four cans of cider once everyone else is in bed. The last few days have been so stressful that I can justify it. Will listen to some jazz and just roam the mountains of Skyrim.

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Good of you to find a barista dressed as an onion


Just watching some NFL highlights.

Had leftover takeaway gumbo for tea was good

Got some peanut butter fudge

Evening all :wave:

Still full of cold and feeling crappy. On the plus side, I made myself a honey and lemon and that tasted good. Oh and Mrs CCB was stood on the landing scrolling her phone with the landing light off (so the phone light was reflecting onto her face) so I said “I’m the leprechaun!” and I was grateful to be married to someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Wayne’s World movies.


Flight home is delayed by an hour and a half so far. Absolutely not what anyone wants after a fairly heavy weekend of festivaling. Can’t even face a pint in the vile airport bar.

On the train home. They’ve got the heating on :tired_face: I’m melting!

After three days in London I am so looking forward to not speaking to anyone but my immediate family for a couple of days.

The flat is legit cool now, that change was too quick

Evening, ending up having a burrito from Tortilla for dinner. Got a decent freezer haul from the supermarket and some treats (Milkis and Hello Panda). Started a new book, might start a new TV show tonight.

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Meant to be spending all day on the coast tomorrow and it’s like 40-50mph winds :grinning:

Had piz for tea, watching Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing and then who knows


At the gym. Was so chilly on my five minute walk here that I had to put a fleece on. So windy.

Probably get home and play Picross in my pyjamas until I go to sleep.

Had to put a jumper and a coat on to take dog out

Wondering if it’s too soon to go tights tomorrow :woman_shrugging:

Had my writing course, had to miss a gentrification lecture though and I need to start the first session of my arts short course as well at some point tonight ideally - this will be fun when uni gets added into the mix next week :flushed:

Tons of admin to do as well but i think i’ll make a little creepy crochet mermaid instead of that serious business.

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Travelled back to Sweden today. Loads of delays but kiddo was so good.

I’m in a process of having to reapply for my current job. I’ve just found out that there’s a case part of the interview :upside_down_face:

At the gig, very pleased with my lazy self

Dunno why I haven’t been doing this for years, lol personal growth lmao

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Just had SOPHIE as an answer on University Challenge and they got it


They’re evolving

please add:

Walked into Postbox

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