Monday Evening

Evening all!

I’m on my way back to Scotland.


have a lovely trip

Had some nik naks, highlight of the day

Nice ‘n’ spicy?

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Evening. Had chicken & noodles and now watching some x files. Bit of online gaming later to catch up with some friends, then maybe a film if I don’t spend too long deciding.

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Only flavour I’ve ever had I think

Also gonna be on the X-Files train soon, coming up to the end of S3 I think

Only flavour you need, don’t even see the others these days in shops.

I’m just up to episode 9 in the 2nd series, Firewalker, I never saw it growing up so watched for the first time about 10 or so years ago but dropped off around series 7 or 8. Is ideal midweek viewing

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Did some pico de gallo and guac and etc and had nachos for tea.

Probably take the dog for a walk shortly although its started raining.

Left calf felt a bit crampy when I was on my bike this morning and it’s been really sore all afternoon.

Where yall watching x files

I’m in a taxi on my way home from manx

Alright. Had lemony leek and pea and mascarpone pasta for tea. Well nice. Now gonna sit on the sofa for about 4hrs.

Disney innit

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Evening all :wave:

Dinner was sticky rice with squash, broccoli etc from the Green Roasting Tin. Went along the river afterwards and saw some ducklings. It’s nice having that pretty-much on our doorstep.

Not much else to report really

Been to see Io Capitano, went to Tesco to get my lunches for next 2 days and somehow spent 20 quid

It’s on 4od I think

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Was it good? Was curious but there’s too much on rn

Yeah pretty good, heavy going though, obviously

Starting a new book

Can confirm it’s pissing down. Reckon I’ve just about had enough of the constant rain every single day now.

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My parents gazing in awe as I get like seven correct answers on the University Challenge final