Monday evening


We survived! What you up to?


my oven is making a horrendously disconcerting noise, sounds like an aeroplane about to explode. Might stick my head in there and try and figure out what the fuck is going on


might go running but it’s cold and dark and i am lazy


wish I hadn’t given up running and gotten fat.

Go for it!


I’m m gonna pop down to the gym at the bottom of he road and see about a free trial in the vague hope that I get my fucking finger out


But not tonight :slight_smile:


just reading some really really dull international relations articles. my eyes glazed over in a lecture earlier. getting a tesco shop delivered later.


Yes! It’s over argh. I have bought some gnocchi and tomato chili sauce in that 2 for £3 deal at waitrose and the bottle green lemonade and mint drink which is probably my favourite soft drink ever. Can’t wait all I had for lunch was popcorn


Such an awful day. Yeeeurgh. Got all the housework to do but… not tonight.



Uneventful night in for the big lad…

Eating: Gnocchi and butternut squash
Drinking: Some sort of purple grape juice
Watching: Halt and Catch Fire
Listening to: Lambchop


Freezing, isn’t it?

Supposed to be eating lentil curry but it’s been on for four hours and the lentils aren’t cooked.


Having soup noodles for dinner :ramen:


@cowcow’s liking all my old posts
you could all learn a thing or two from him


Sitting in a pub drinking beer for the 4th night in a row but this time with the addition of a trashy book. Apparently Stephen King says it’s both “engrossing” and “suspenseful”. So far I think he may have been taken grossly out of context.

Also after four days of excessive eating and drinking I think tomorrow might be a good day to start back at the gym…Hello RPM! I have not missed you in the slightest!! Now… where did I put my sweat rag?!



going to make myself a bowl of pasta because i still feel like crap (though not as crap as i have done this weekend)

fresh sheets tonight :thumbsup:
have to make my bed first :thumbsdown:



Music pub quiz tonight, gonna smash it. Just saw an advert for Masterchef Professionals starting tomorrow night. Woo!


Anyone got good public speaking advice? I have to do a presentation to basically “pitch” my thesis documentary. I’ve got kind of a clearish idea, but I just waffle and ramble when attempting to explain it to anyone in my class.

Don’t want this to happen on a massive scale, while being assessed. Incoherent rambling =/= good marks