Monday evening


Cold eh? I’ve got a 2nd interview for this job in Stockholm next week. Quite terrified and excited in equal measure.

Also shouldn’t have logged into my work email on my day off as my boss is being an utter dick. That’s gonna be fun tomorrow.



Evening SSF. Just bought a christmas tree. 7 foot and impressive girth - bit of a bastard to lug home through rush-hour pedestrian traffic in Brixton. Gonna decorate that then maybe catch up on Planet Earth.


One of my cats has been run over. I can’t take this again. His sister is hiding. I was going to post the other night about how I thought my mental health was slipping again and now I guess it’s going to. He didn’t really want to go outside but I thought he should go because it was a nice day so I put his food outside so he’d follow. That was on Wednesday. It seems like he was run over more recently but he might have been hurt or dying for days in the freezing cold.


near enough made a track today, not sure if it’s any good or not though


7ft! Amazing. I haven’t watched he lates Planet Earth yet either, got that to look forward to for sure!


:pensive: I’m sorry to hear that PM.


Let’s hear it!


Off to watch Blue Velvet at 8.


Passed my PhD viva and now on a lonely train ride back to London, hoping there’s trolley service on this train.


aw shit PM, that’s awful




So sorry to hear that :frowning: X




Yeah, we always get something far too big and swamp it in our ever-growing collection of weird decorations. I’ve bought Emily Dickinson and Sherlock Holmes decorations as my additions this year.


Been sitting in a freezing cold house all day waiting for the boiler repair man to come but then not fix my broken boiler. Brrrr. Off out for end of year curry with my pub quiz team which should warm me up a bit.


drinking beer rn, moving on to fortefied wine later, and then at about 12 on to vodka. A healthy amount of fegs in between. Can’t wait. Bumping this:



making pasta, was looking forward to masterchef but it’s not on on mondays is it? ffs. i bought resident evil 5 but it’s terrible. might waste a couple hours of my life on it anyway.


You can’t just post an Oasis cover