Monday Eventide

In that Catford, gonna give @plasticniki a skinhead.

What’s your evening about?


So hungry.

Had a meeting today via work with someone I’ve done work for in a freelance capacity and he didnt realise. He asked if I knew the building we were in and I said “yes actually, I was the person who did all the research for you when you were buying it”…guess what happened next m9s?

That’s right - he fucking mansplained my own research back to me. Banging on and on about what parts of the building were for like I’d neglected to find that out on his behalf for him.



I’ve got an essay due in 2 weeks, which isn’t that close tbf, but I’ve just spent all day procrastinating instead of doing it :man_shrugging: I think there’s a self confidence issue afoot but likely more to do with abject laziness.
Soup for dinner and worrying about paying bills, woe is me.

Leftover roast lamb from yesterday


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OMG my friend’s flight from NYC to Korea was cancelled and they said well, we can get you on the next flight but the only seats are next to dogs.

This is her flight guys…




going to eat a jacket potato, drink some tea and maybe some more Top Boy

had a pantomime all morning today which has made me feel very festive and bad joke timey

that’s it really

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This photo’s well famous, unless you’re wolfcastling

She’s really on a dog flight ruffers. This is how I’m imagining it.

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I found at university (and still find today at work where I do a lot of essay type things) that I’m really bad at actually starting, but once I do I can fly through. But maaaaan that start is hard.

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I can only believe things I’ve heard directly from Gibbo now



Got really drunk last night and made friends with these three Parisians who took us around all the late night bars. Woke up with loads of photos of us and them, checked the time they were taken and it was like half three in the morning. Hilarious. We don’t remember getting back into the hotel so god knows how we managed that.

Went to the cemetery, jardin de Luxembourg and walked lots today. BS was teaching me about ballon d’Or as we had accidentally walked past a red carpet for it. Didn’t end up bringing any wine back but we got peach ice tea and some Bolognese flavour lays. And that’s pretty much what you go to Europe for. Here’s some trees.


Had hot chocoalate, maccarito and then churros with biscoff sauce.

Then indigestion.


There’s a festive churro cart I have to walk past multiple times a week, swear it’s driving me to bankruptcy

I had a mansplaining success the other day - was talking to my colleague about a touchscreen device our staff have to use and using it with gloves. He started explaining to me how touchscreens work and how some gloves have wire in them to conduct electricity and then interrupted himself with “I’m so sorry, I’m mansplaining, I’ve just remembered you’ve got a physics degree”


Luckily, the churro shop is in the west end where only wankers now live so don’t go too often.

Managed to resist the vegan after eight ice cream


We all ate early dinner since other half has already gone out for the night, which meant I had the same as Jimbo - chicken goujons and chips. Yum.

Nearly bedtime, then I’ve got the evening to myself. Need to try and organise a pub quiz team for Wednesday so there’s that to do.

Wanna go on a flight where the seats are from 90s regional busses

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something something cardiff airport etc

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