Monday eventide

Sup all

Had two cool gigs on in town tonight but let both sell out. Slightly annoyed but also pretty beat so not the worst outcome

Gonna grab a pint with a friend then get some fancy pizza in cos we got a discount code

Evening all

Continuing watching Wednesday. Very much enjoying it. Got a bitterol spritz premix (Lidl :heart_eyes:) which is rather tasty imo and some Milka.

Probably going to try get an early-ish night.

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Got this but might not have it tonight.


Need to get myself one of these. Reviews when you do have it please.

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Omg just posted about these today. Didn’t know they were back

(Made two homemade ones recently and felt very filthy but they were excellent, as i remember the proper ones being :heart:)

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Just had a quorn ham and cheese toastie. Bread was a bit stale and I’ve got instant stomach ache :flushed:

Have decided im gping to start BOTW again tonight as i cant remember any of it or what to do.

Bit terrified. ENT appt has resulted in a referral for an MRI brain scan…

Anyone else hear the big explosion/lighting strike in London a bit earlier? Sounded like it was right above us but apparently heard all over.

Footie on. Beer on. Chicken Kyiv and chips in t’oven. Noice


Alright? Very long very tiring day. Got jacket potatoes with cheese, bacon & beans for tea and the football on the telly. Could do with an early night.

Hey, you ok? Message me if you want a chat x


Where’s that from? Iceland?

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Oh yeah I also saw Jennie Bond at Tesco earlier loading 8 cases of wine into her boot.


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Hope you are OK.


Checking out the competition

Not as good as Staffordshire obvs.


Oh! Didnt know these were a thing. They look smaller and thicker than Staffs Oatcakes. More like pikelets.




What a brilliant dinner


1 kyiv or 2?