Monday (feat. Valentines if you like that kind of thing)

Alright? Off to sell some beer shortly, got quite a busy day/week ahead which is nice. Gonna cook us a nice dinner later then an early night (hopefully be asleep by 9pm cause I slept very badly last night). What’s happening then?

Morning Funky,

Me and the boy are off to the Natural History Museum in a bit. He was singing at the top of his voice about 6.30 this morning so suffice to say that he’s rather excited by a day in London. I’ve promised him Pizza Hut for lunch too.



Just dropped wifeo off at work and about to take doggo for a quick spin before the rain comes.

Going to pop to Sainsbo’s and/or Marks’s and get some nice bits for dinner.


Almost there. Halfway through my Friday and a shitty weekend. Going to take myself out for a walk when I finish at 1.30. Genuinely angry about work atm.

Forgot I was in Birmingham today seeing my number one valentine, some Bill Mitchell (and John Poole) friezes.

Actually there for work but hopefully I’ll have time for the hunks.

Anyway, my alarm didn’t go off, the train is leaving from a different station to the one I thought and my dyscalculia means i totally fucked up the departure time and will also return way too late to get M from school.

What a fabulous start :joy:

It’s a significant anniversary today

(I’d not seen this trailer/promo before, either)


Just had hotel breakfadt, they had veggie sausages but, hash browns were to crispy and im the last one here so thinking about all that waste :grimacing:

Stayed up for the Superb Owl half time show, so now feeling v unprepared for the world

Struggle through work then do vv little later on



Wayne’s World is 5 years nearer to Sgt. Pepper than now is to Wayne’s World



Get it ate then!

Was still full from last nights curry and even the little i ate made me feel a bit sick

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The hash browns in the canteen at my old work were quite often ‘too crispy’ to the point that if you tried cutting them with a knife they’d just shatter into a million pieces all over the table.

I remember vividly the issue of TV Hits that came out when it was released, loads of stickers with catchphrases on and I’d not yet seen it but started wearing them on my uniform ready for my baptism.

I have very obviously moved on since those days of wearing WW catchphrases


Got the plumber in doing some work and I really need a poo.

Happy Valentines :heart:

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Sorry but why has my boss not messaged me yet, forgetting that I’ve got today off? Twat


On the Valentine Scale of 0 to 100 where 100 is full of live & 0 is empty I think today I’m running on -87 or something

They haven’t even messaged each other for a scrum? :rage:

Morning all,

Feeling a little rough unfortunately. UTI’s are a treat aren’t they…

WFH but it’s more WFSofa and watching The Office (US). Gonna have some bean on toast for lunch, and then it’s gammon and egg for tea cause i’ve been fancying it for ages.

Waiting for my non celebrating valentine to give me some food somehow. ( I always get him a card he never gets me owt). Will just end upn eating The Windowsill Pringles (the pringles that are somehow on the windowsill but not sure why)

Oh and I guess I’ll clean the living room seeing as no one else seems to ever do that heheheheh don’t have a go at me