Monday Football Thread

City batter Man U, Celtic batter Rangers, Arsenal last minute winner, Liverpool very good, Chelsea drop points. Leeds lose Yorkshire derby to still-top Huddersfield. Newcastle win again to go near top, Pearson’s Derby not doing well, etc, etc

Everton - Sunderland tonight. AOB?

Was Bravo on Rooney a penalty?

  • Yes
  • No

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Honestly, in the pub, I said it was never a penalty. Was convinced it was a clean tackle by Bravo, and it’s very rare that I’d side with City over a decision like that.

But… I was wrong. Definitely a peno. Studs up, out of control absolutely no way that’s a clean tackle.

Regardless, they deserved to win. Mourinho made a couple of massive selection blunders and I’m disappointed with the extent to which he’s blamed players, but Mkhi and Lingard aren’t kids and they should learn from it.

Not sure I can muster the will to watch the David Moyes Derby

Fucking good match, enjoyed it a million times more than any of the 1-0 wins last season.

City were unbelievable, can’t believe we stayed in it and frankly could have had a draw if Ibrahimovic had been a bit more clinical (and we’d got that pen on Rooney which I’m surprised is even a debate frankly). They should have had about three more at least as well though innit.

Bit annoyed that Mkhytarian is being singled out for the first half, he was shite yeah but no worse than Rooney, no coincidence that we improved as soon as he was shunted wide and wasn’t able to keep dicking things up from a central position.

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Bravo one was a pen. Otamendi getting cleaned out by Bailey was a pen. Rooney and Fellaini both did more than enough for two bookings. Otamendi elbow hand ball shout not a pen.

In short Clattenburg is an abysmal ref.

Rooney is untouchable m6

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Agreed all round. (Great tats though)

Feel like a dinosaur pundit from the 70s but with the way he won the ball, whilst sort of withdrawing, makes me think he rightfully got away with it, just. Could obviously see why people think otherwise with the way he left the ground

Find the talk around Bravo insane. Two weird extremes

So many British pundits and ex-players seem monumentally thick, like he’s a promising young goalkeeper from a midtable team, rather than a guy who just won two league titles in two years at one of the biggest clubs in the world and was largely excellent. And the way they talk about La Liga as if no Spanish clubs press the keeper, every club bar Madrid and Barca and shite, and the likes of Burnley and Sunderland are some great challenge. As if Spanish clubs haven’t absolutely outclassed at both tiers of European competition and Sevilla didn’t just absolutely school Klopp’s Liverpool. Alaves have taken four points at the Nou Camp and Vicente Calderon ffs.

That being said, seen a lot of talk online from people that get the above, but have gone too far in going in denying that he had an absolute disaster of a game. Gifted them a goal, gifted them a chance that was as easy as the first and Ibra should’ve scored, being very lucky not to give away a penalty and be sent off, and several other unconvincing moments - could’ve singlehandedly destroyed one of the best premier league performances I’ve seen in years. Obviously that should be a concern, but I did enjoy Jenas highlighting how often his distribution was good and how, when he’s not making blunders - which I’m confident will be the case - he’ll be a good fit. Think the first goal was just a communication issue tbh, which should improve, and that might’ve just been what knocked his head of sorts for the remainder…


Don’t think many sides will have the energy/organisation to be able to effectively press high enough to force the same errors from him going forward (think Spurs/Liverpool could make him come unstuck a bit though), it was so obvious from the get go that’s what we needed to do though, we stood off them at the back for way too long and got some joy almost immediately when they finally started pressing.

No idea why defending from the front is seen as so risky in modern football, at the very least you’re going to force a long ball which is (or should be rather) easily defendable.

I’ve been a fan of Bravo for both Chile and Barcelona, but that was a car crash of a debut, which could have thrown a game that they dominated in all other areas. He’s an experienced player, so I’m not rushing to the conclusion that he’s Taibi reincarnate or anything. He’ll get it right.

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Didn’t DeGea have a bit of a shocker for his debut? Maybe even the first few games?

A howler for Bravo right enough, but once he finds his feet he’ll be good. No way I’d have him in the fantasy team though.

Aye, he was a 19 year old kid though in fairness so it’s not the most comparable of scenarios.

Bravo is obviously gonna be absolutely fine, miffed we didn’t capitalise more on his jitters though.

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De Gea was a prospect though. Granted, both should be afforded time to adapt to the English game and De Gea was the more expensive purchase, but pretty sure a couple of seasons to adapt won’t be acceptable for Bravo.

Bravos distribution will help us get past teams that park the bus. Utd are the only other side I rate in the league and most teams won’t press that high or as effectively as they did in the second. Also worth noting that he finished the last half hour much better.


Ajax beat Vitesse (ft Norwich flop Ricky Van Wolfswinkel) 1 - 0, courtesy of a Nick Viergever free header, following a free kick by big money signing Hakim Ziyech.

Ajax are now up to 3rd, after 5 games. Feyenoord are top of the table, PSV are second, obviously.

Pape Souare has been in a car crash on the M4 as was airlifted to hospital. By the state of his car it looks line he was very lucky just to break his thigh bone and jaw.

I enjoyed Fer getting away with that ludicrous foul on Cahill to deny Chelsea two of a fully deserved three points.


Oxford smashed Swindon on Saturday. They finished with 9 men. :fire::fire::zap::zap:

Really weirdly-written article in the Guardian about it today mind you.

Argyle go top of League 2. Pretty happy about that.

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getting to that good non-stop football kind of time.

Champions League, Europa League, Liverpool - Chelsea on Friday night