Monday Football Thread



thought it was probably a penalty.
guess it’s right that it gets some discussion given it was a pivotal moment but in general, so sick of the level of focus put on refereeing decisions post-match from pundits. just a cop-out so they don’t have to discuss actual tactics. seems to have increased this year despite the quality of the football also increasing


Someone on a forum is saying he’ll never play again. Any word from the club on it yet?


The club released a statement saying just a thigh injury and broken jaw, but it’s quite vague. His car looked in a right state and the fact he was cut out and airlifted to hospital could mean not everything has been disclosed. It doesn’t explain why he didn’t play on Saturday though as the crash happened Sunday.


My general rule of football is that if a team is reduced to moaning about whether a referee did or didn’t make a correct decision then they didn’t do enough themselves.

So I’m blaming Chelsea’s draw on the serial ditherer Cahill and on Courtois. The decision to keep him and bin off Cech looks worse and worse.


best bit of yesterday as that dickhead at Forest getting red carded for celebrating a goal about a minute after his first booking


I dunno, Courtois was immense when Atletico won the title, and very good for the Chelsea title win the following season. Arguably the best keeper in the world during that period.

He dropped off a bit last season but then so did everyone else. Would still expect him to have 8+ years at an elite level, which you obviously couldn’t expect of Cech.


Chris Sutton is a ray of sunshine isn’t he.


The moaniest pundit in the world.


I can see the logic in the Courtois/Cech decision. It is one that I agree with and would have made myself. Unfortunately, Courtois, although generally good enough, is not as good as the guy who he replaced. The fact that Cech is still doing a fine job at the top level is just even more galling.


actually kind of enjoyed his moaning.

maybe I just miss vintage Hansen.


I don’t think there’s that much between them really. Certainly not enough of a difference to sacrifice the longevity you get


All the stuff happening at West Ham’s new ground is pretty depressing.


Courtouis has been poor for a while now. Getting a bit heart-in-mouth whenever the ball comes near him.

Probably worth noting Cech had a far superior defence in front of him though, at least until his last few season. Not often you’d see Cech exposed the way Courtois was when he took down Barrow.


He actually kicked him twice, it was unbelievable that neither the ref nor the assistants saw it. However, inclined to agree with @silentcommand that Cahill should take a lot of the blame- no way he should be taking a touch there.

Marriner’s performance was embarrassingly bad, and not for the first time. I don’t like moaning at refs too much when they get very little help and #TheEstablishment refuse to try video tech, but there are a couple (Marriner and Dean amongst them) who veer towards incompetence a bit too often.


Yeah strange one that…Kelly’s not a bad player though, even at LB.


What actually happened?


It was probably a penalty, but it would have had absolutely no bearing on the game. Had they got on terms we’s have just stuck two or three of our breaks away afterwards.

Concentrating on one relatively minor decision conveniently masks over the fact that one side looked on a different planet to the other, and questions about why Mourinho chose to spend £120m on a player and leave him out for their biggest game of the season.


Home fans fighting each other.
Home fans fighting away fans.
Home fans fighting stewards.
Stewards being useless.
Segregation being a joke.
Kids being scared.
James Collins not putting it out properly.
Troy Deeney’s face.

It’s a horror show.


Pogba was poor, but, as usual, that can be blamed entirely on Wayne cunting Rooney getting in his way. We’ve got to go 433 soon surely.

(City were unbelievable, like I said, you should absolutely steamroller it this season in a totally non-antibants way)


I always think the club with the most expensive side should win the title. That used to be the rule for us anyway.

Gut feeling after four games is that Chelsea might be the toughest mentally of the three, mind.