Monday Football Thread

Bit of a boring weekend really.

Barca got beat though but the big news

RDM OUT. HAven’t won an away game in 430 days, 4 wins in 49 league games. Going well

Bent Sam for Villa? Steve Bruce? What d’ya reckon?

Reckon there might be a few sackings this week and a bit of a race for Big Sam


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Strong rumours on Bruce, he’s apparently still living in the Midlands area. I think if he isn’t at England then he’d be my first choice

Pearson’s been rumoured, but he is still at Derby and has been pretty woeful so far so I can’t see that happening

Lovely Juan


He’s so fucking lovely, glad that he’s surrounded by a few bastards in the team now though.

Isn’t there still talk of some kind of ban for him? Would be a bold move to sack your manager and move in on Sam at this point

Thanks for 20 years, Consistant Champions League football, Thierry Henry and an invincible season. Here’s a glass vase. :'D

: (

Fucking 'ell… it’s another international break coming up.

Go away weird football.

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Still fucking annoyed about Fernando and Kolarov.

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hope he pulls through. After checking his wikipedia, saw this lovely snippet from TV pundit James Carragher.

According to his 2008 biography, Carra, Song’s former Liverpool teammate Jamie Carragher claimed he launched a deliberate hard tackle in a practice session against the Cameroonian player because of the latter’s perceived mockery of Carragher’s defending.[32] “Song walked on to the training pitch with a smile on his face. He was limping off it with a grimace an hour later. The first chance I got, I did him. Never have I hunted down a 50–50 tackle with greater appetite. ‘You’re not fucking laughing now, are you, you soft cunt?’ I said as he hobbled away.”

what a twat


Can’t wait to see Wayne continue his run of great assists


that’s right, none other than England captain and record goalscorer Wayne Mark Rooney!


Can’t fucking wait pal. Off to Vienna tomorrow for the away game on Thursday, then Georgia at home on Sunday.



Belarus at home on Friday, France at home on Monday. Anything more than 1 point is a bonus.

England v Malta!!! Big Gareth’s first game in charge!


Georgia on Thursday followed by an away game in Moldova on Sunday?

#Can’t wait.