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FAO @imaperv

You haven't seen Chelsea's first goal until you've seen it with the Countdown music 😂😂😂

— FantasyYIRMA #FPL (@FantasyYIRMA) 23 October 2016


Outstanding :smiley:


Really didn’t enjoy that at all.


You could be really, really fucked if Bailly’s out for a long time


Yes! This is absolutely true! Thanks, man! :thumbsup:


How about this!


good football goal




Anyone remember Liverpool legend Dirk Kuijt?

He ruined the outcome of the Klassieker yesterday by scoring a header 5 mins before the end. Idiot dickhead.


How about that football game between Manchester United and Chelsea yesterday, then? Eehhhhh, I don’t know.


Nope, don’t remember him


Jack Rodwell hasnt won a game in the league that he started since 2013


Who’s going to finish in the top 4 then

  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham
  • Manchester United
  • Everton
  • Leicester
  • Southampton
  • Other

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He scored a hat-trick for Liverpool against Manchester United!


guys theo is in the comicbook thread moaning about antibants from marvel fans :slight_smile:


Solidly pumped and no mistake.

Really not sure about this 6-2-1-1 formation.


what’s the current state of Mike Smalling?

he seems to fluctuate between ‘mature and composed, future england captain for 100 years’ and ‘idiot wally’ about 5 times every game.


Looked outstanding in a side that tried to draw every game 0-0 for two years. Ranges from ok to completely shite in a side where he actually has defending to do from time to time. Distribution is and always has been woeful.


think it’s time manu utd drop rooney from the starting 11


can’t remember the last time I saw Fellaini do anything in a match. I’m sure at everton he used to score loads and get assists and at the very least piss everyone on the other team off. Now he does literally nothing (errant elbow twice a game excepted).

how has he survived the moyesy and gaal “eras” and still in the Xi? (lineups please)