Monday Football Thread



Aside from City scraping an improbable win over the Pulis megalith most of the weekend PL games go pretty much as you’d expect. Mourinho blah blah fecking blah.

Brighton humiliate Norwich 5-0 to go second in the Championship. Ouch!

Joe Hart’s Torino attempting to make amends for his torrid performance vs. Inter against Udinese is the game we’ll all be watching later, surely?


Eredivisie leaders Feyenoord drop 2 points against this season’s surprise package Heerenveen, Ajax struggle to get past Excelsior, but manage to squeeze a 1-0 win out. Only a 3 point gap to bridge to reach the top position now.

Meanwhile in Italy, former Ajax manager Frank De Boer has an absolute nightmare at Inter, and yesterday’s loss against Sampdoria appears to have sealed his fate. He has lost the dressing room, with players openly rebelling. Italian newspapers say that next week’s game against Corone will be his swansong.



That united match broke me a bit on saturday.

It was ridiculous


First match for about three seasons I haven’t seen, sounds like it was fucking daft.


Just wave after wave of attacks and missed chances including two sitters in injury time.


Aye, saw the highlights innit. Think it can be chalked up as a bit of a freak tbh, not too concerned about it. More chances created than in the entirety of last season frankly.


Think we’ve played pretty well recently, bar the Chelsea game. Had we smashed Stoke and Burnley like we might have with the wind blowing in a different direction, we’d be on a decent run of form with one appalling performance. For me, this weekend was the closest we’ve seen to a Fergie like siege on the Stretford End and the signs of improvement are there which just weren’t under LVG or Moyes.

Despite some people dubbing him Rooney v2.0, Ibra’s overall performance was great bar the finishing touch, though naturally that’s a huge part of his game. Needs to fix that sharpish, but unlike Rooney, I don’t think he’s suddenly washed up. Even RVP went for a run of 10 games without scoring in his title winning season. Been too readily blamed when none of our other forwards are contributing to the score sheet either.


Watching the game on Saturday this definitely rings true. Baffling that it’s just taken as a given that refs will harbour grudges against certain teams though


Yeah it was a very positive performance and so was Stoke but only taking 2 points from those games is fucking our league position. We’re getting cut adrift from the top 5 a bit


Yup, massively frustrating watching the competition for the league and the top 4 sail away. Always thought we’d have a weak start and a strong second half but that might not be enough at this rate.


Heaton. England’s number one?

  • yep
  • nope
  • I’m Scottish, fuck off

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Think I’d just about take forster over him. First time in ages we’ve got some good quality competition for goalkeeper though, plus butland coming back from injury soon. All very good news


yeah, Butland is gonna be the main dog soon, huh. I like Forster, but his distribution with his feet is really poor. worse than Harty


Hmmmm (had genuinely forgotten about this banner until yesterday)


beautiful! man, football fans are the best, huh - when they’re not chucking coins at kids, natch


Got a feeling City will get something out of the Barca game tomorrow




Look like their equal for half an hour, throw one in, Fernandinho red card 60’, 0-3.


nah, Bartha have pretty much won the group already, and have Sevilla away on the weekend. Draw I reckon