Monday Football Thread


Well it’s official the Fergie years were the work of the devil and no matter what we do we’re never gonna win anything again as karma’s paying us back…FA Cups don’t count, we’re not Arsenal.

Current league table.

Begrudging Insurance


Fucking daylight robbery that was, we’ve done it to plenty of other sides over the years though. Thought we were really good particularly in the second half, it’ll come…


This Chelsea side have fewer weaknesses than any of the four sides who are better than them at their best. If they continue to not concede goals they’re looking the most likely champions.

Thought United and Arsenal were both shite, tbh. Don’t really understand the ‘United deserved to win’ narrative. Rashford and Martial were bobbins. The non-penalty on Valencia was clearly not as controversial a call as the ref keeping Darmian on for regular, calculated fouling.

City were garbage at Palace. It’s mad we are where we are. Every team in the top eight or so’s got a better defence.


League table:

  1. Doesn’t matter
  2. Apocalyptically bad
  3. Also Doesn’t Really Matter But Would Still Be Bad
  4. Almost as bad as 2
  5. Would be fine


Rooneys free kick in the last minute :sob:


amazing what a magic bullet the formation change for Chelsea has been so far.
knew there was a reason why i’ve ended up playing 3 at the back with every FM side I’ve ever had


beautiful header from Giroud, eh. beautiful


Awful defending by rashford. Awful


what are your thoughts on this PL season?[poll public=true]

  • fucking loving it, mate. good mix of teams at the top. anyone can beat anyone. best league in the world
  • I’m enjoying it quite a bit
  • I’m not particularly enjoying it
  • I crave the 90’s again. shit pitches, bad hair and Matt Le Tissier
  • I am not digging at all. barely watch anything. catch 20 mins of MOTD, then turn over to the channel that has nothing on the screen


The football’s been good but the last 3 united home games have broken me


it’s good. a large proportion of the teams are decent and enjoyable to watch


nice one len


cheers gaz


Football really is quite annoying.


from the BBC Gossip bit

West Ham hope defender Reece Oxford, 20, will finally sign a new five-year deal within the next 10 days - after interest from Manchester United and Manchester City. (Sun)

thought he was about 17 a few months back?


Reminds me of the best bit in the opening credits on fifa story mode




given far too much space there tbf


I support Palace managed by Alan Pardew. I’m loving it. :grimacing:


he is 17. Just a mistake innit