Monday football thread


Beautiful day isn’t it? What a time to be alive.

  • Lads it’s Spurs
  • City get pasted by the ghost of seasons past
  • Liverpool draw to a struggling West Ham
  • Chelsea roll on to being crowned champions in February
  • Some matches happened on the continent
  • Loadsa goals



That Jeff Hendrick goal was good



That felt really good didn’t it. Never been more convinced that an equaliser was coming after Pogba hit the bar and then Eriksen stepped up to take a FK from a similar position 5 mins afterwards.


Remember a few weeks into the season when the general thinking was City were going to walk their way to the title? Is it possible they’ll not even make top four?


Desperately hoping that Pep goes full LvG and won’t make any of the necessary changes at city.


Didn’t watch a single second of football over the weekend, looked like lots o’ goals though.

Balonz D’whore tonight.

UEFA Champions UCL League First 1KOR Knockout R Round draw too. Probably also the Wafer Cup but who cares?


time for the weekly Manchester United poll

  • Back again
  • In crisis

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If anyone isn’t following Duncan Castles on twitter you should.

If Jose killed someone he’d take the wrap


Ballon d’Or

  • Ronaldo, obviously
  • Are we really doing this?
  • Fuck off mate

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Messi, Kante, Modric for me, Clive


Zaha was great again. He is carrying us this season. How Townsend gets in the England squad ahead of him baffles me.


clearly baffles him too - just declared for Ghana hasn’t he?


The only English player with more Premier League goals than Theo Walcott (seven) this season is Jermain Defoe (eight)



Côte d’Ivoire mate


my apologies to the people of Ghana, Cote de Ivoire, South London and Wilf Zaha.


Ivory Coast but he has also said he wants to stay with us in January and Southgate is trying to convince him to change his mind.

We’d miss him but he deserves international recognition, he’s a nice lad so I hope he becomes a success, while England plod along with the same old shit.



Arsenal Bayern again, lolz


was literally going to write this word for word. lolz indeed