Monday Football



That was some weekend eh? Goals GALORE!

City manage to turn not being at your best and grinding out a 1-0 into grinding out a convincing 3-1.

We drop Rooney and score four goals in one half (all four of which wouldn’t have happened if he’d been on the pitch), Leicester were shite.

Arsenal BATTER Ch€l$ki and Walcott does a thing.

Liverpool looking ominously good.

Spurs quietly efficient.

LOL at West Ham, Sunderland and Stoke.



Real Madrid drew to Las Palmas and Ronaldo threw a tantrum when he got subbed off. Was really unpleasant to have them winning all the time for months. Horrible club


Sunderland were the only game on my accumulator that didnt come in



I don’t want to sound unsympathetic but you bet on a David Moyes-led Sunderland team, what did you expect?


70 smackers in my bank account is what I expected


First sacking surely coming soon, who do we all think is in the deepest shit?

  • Mark “Walkie Talkie” Hughes
  • David “We’ll finish 17th and be happy with that” Moyes
  • Slaven “Where are my foam hands and what have you done with them?” Bilic
  • Sean “I don’t know what happened to my voice either” Dyche
  • Francesco “Oh no” Guidolin
  • Aitor “Lads we need to go to Flamingo Land, it’s crackin” Karanka

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Goals galore in the Eredivisie too, as both Ajax and Feyenoord score 5 each to record easy wins, whereas PSV can only manage a measly 3. Inevitably, the top three in the league has a very familiar look already.


had karanka down pre season but thinking about it boro aren’t really a sacking club. reckon bilic still has some credit with the fans so going with hughes




stoke have a really easy fixture list on paper in oct/nov, if hughes survives to the international break he should be fine.

swansea have man u , liverpool, arsenal, everton in the same period and for some reason they want to employ ryan giggs


Where Will Sunderland Finish This Season?

  • 17th
  • 17th

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Weekend & Monday football thread

He won’t get sacked but Karanka has previous for threatening to take his ball and go home in a huff.

Possibility he might have a wobbler this year, but not before Guardolin or Hughsey is on their ways.

Moyes not sacked until February.


why’s chris sutton suddenly seen as a voice of authority? sticking his beak into everything
actual weird man go away


the new shirt pulling in the box = penalty is good isn’t it?

just eradicating stoke and leicester’s way of life overnight.


It’s not been quite as chaotic as I’d have liked though.


if they ever get around to doing a ‘diving or arguing with the ref = autocard’ too they better go full-on card chaos. I wanna see actual game abandonments due to lack of players.


Yeah. That and the instant booking for dissent are two of the best rule changes in ages. Just need refs to keep enforcing it (and enforce it in equal measure against bigger clubs/players (this is more for the dissent thing). Also take away bookings for overcelebrating/taking your top off


good point


oh yeah, very much enjoyed Son’s 2nd goal on saturday because it reminded me of every goal ever scored on sensible world of soccer ever.


Diego Costa has already been booked four times for dissent this season. He’ll never learn.