Monday ft a good dog

Just saw this adorable face hanging out of a car

How’s it going pals


I’ve overslept cos my dog was being a nuisance :triumph:


Hi! I’m off to work to count more things in a minute. But this is happening

Might be payday today, about time too!

A ta(i)le of two halves

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I am working at a different office today because I have a face to face meeting that definitely, in no way could have been done on the phone. definitely not. and as a result I have to get two trains and a bus rather than just one train. ffs.

no dog news here, sorry.

ft a good dog you say. Here’s a slightly blurry photo of a crazed Reggie.

Lots of work to do. Lots.

Got eczema on my face now too, so that’s nice.


Please tell me you’re not holidaying in America @avocado :grinning:

I think I need to put a ban on myself sending emails in the morning before I’ve properly woken up. Started to use my full first name to sign off on emails rather than the popular abbreviation and I keep hitting the wrong key and signing off my emails as ‘Many thanks, Davis

Think I’m still hungover a bit.

:coffee: :coffee:


I’ve nearly signed off plenty of emails as Bick rather than Nick, and I (usually) don’t even have the excuse of being tired


Davis and Bick do sound like some strong 2020 names.


Hungover on the beach listening to the stooges


I don’t think I’ve ever signed an email off with the initial of my first name. Just can’t bring myself to do it.


Meh. It’s my Friday today. Meh

*Checks watch *

Woke up with a bad neck, cba today. Was listening to Blast Tyrant in the car on the way to work though, what a fucking album that is of absolute bangers.


Morning DiS,

I’d like a couple of days off after an exhausting weekend, please. I can’t be doing with getting up before 6am and running for miles. Weekends are meant to be relaxing.

Are we doing crap night’s sleep club? I woke up in the middle of the night and realised that my alarm on my phone was set to the right time, so changed it then couldn’t get back to sleep.

And then the weather in Brighton this morning - bloody oppressive - dark, and windy and torrential rain. I wish I could have worked from home, but I need to be in the office today.

Funny way to typo Jeremy, i.e. your name

Haha I’ve just remembered on Saturday me, @AdrianWebb and a few others were trying to remember your name and couldn’t. You’re just Jezza




Such a great album. Probably a terrible choice after waking up with a bad neck though :smiley:

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Thanks to this thread, I remembered about the Spiritualized live album on the way to work this morning. Can’t promise that the rest of the day will be good, but listening to this was lovely:


Today’s reason for being late to work: I was about to leave the house when I noticed that I’d somehow managed to iron the same side of my shirt twice and the other half not at all and had no other ironed shirts.

I mean… traffic