Monday ft Whiterussian's birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

hb man!!

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FTFY :wink:


No posting in a Monday thread when it’s Tuesday please

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DiS runs on UK time.

HBWR :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is there no evening thread?

Eh. Hate when the BBC2 dickheads decide to split up the quizzes. Should send ppl an email alert or something


Its for the next 6 weeks!

Only Connect had massive creep vibes this week, wasnt into it at all.

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But Nigella!!!

Happy Birthday @whiterussian hope you’ve had an excellent day filled with lots of lovely things :blush: :heart: xxxx

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Six weeks! Alright, cheers (definitely gonna forget)

@meowington currently watching masterchef Australia and just finished Nigella week, had my fill!

Also: cabbage pasta. Weird

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Wtf is it?

Oh I think they’re noodles. That’s less bad. Actually it looks good with the broth tbf.

Hi everyone, this is now up and running if you’d like to get involved

Plus the chilli is doing it for me now

I’m a little behind and she’s fucking lost it mashing up fish fingers like that???

:joy: didn’t watch that bit

Evening evening. Not watching anything. Got some tea and a digestive biscuit…ooooh exciting.

She’s also using so many odd utensils for things and one in each hand.
First bit she had a spatular in each hand to stir some onions, now she’s got 2 other weird flat things to remove fat from the broth…use a spoon Nigella!!

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You’re gonna love the last recipe