Monday Funday

Following on from last night’s Dr DiS Enquiries, I am now awaiting an appendectomy. Woop.

How are you all?


Got in to work early but my pc is fucked

Sticking around in Edinburgh and wfh (again) today so I can go see The Mountain Goats in Glasgow tonight. It’s f’king cold this morning. Really cold.

Girlfriend’s gone to the Highlands to climb this

Given it’ll be about -4 at the top, more power to her.

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Good luck man, hope it all goes alright and you recover quickly.


Yikes, GWS Sheeldz.

Missing a conference I really wanted to attend this morning so we can have a meeting I don’t want to have. Then filming at a skate park this afternoon, maybe I’ll [insert skating term here] on a halfpipe.


Are they doing the operation today? Good luck!

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Take care Sheeldz x

Well I’m a wee bit fucking glad I was bossy with you last night!! Thank goodness you got it checked out. Hope it all goes well and you’re getting all of the good drugs now xxx


Save this for Thursday please.

Everybody on my train to work, EVERYBODY (except me) has a hacking cough and streaming colds. Nobody is even covering their mouths, arrrrghhhhhh (I sit with my scarf over my face like I’m hiding from the plague. I am hiding from the plague guys.)
This week ahead would be borderline manageable were it not for the two days in London Thursday and Friday that basically mean I have three days to do a week’s work now. Reckon Tuesday night’s going to need to be an all-nighter.

It’s minus 5 where I live today teehee

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Argh forgot about MG, I’m missing so many good November gigs due to meh-ness. Ah well, seeing The Sad should make up for it all.

Monday is a real faff for me - be surprised if I’m home before 11:30pm, and I’m on an 8am train back to Newcastle tomorrow. But it’s been four years cos I missed the last tour, sooooo

Excellent fact checking there, Yahoo News.


Think I slept from about from about 12 to 3, so feeling a bit zombed. Luckily brought my laptop home on Friday so already got logged in and working, so can bail off at around 3.

Spending far too much time researching bourbon for a secret Santa spirit swap. Probably go and ask to try a few once my cold has gone so I can get a sense of the flavours, I know my friend doesn’t want anything too sweet and when every bourbon is described as caramel and vanilla it’s kinda tricky.

Anyone know about bourbon ta?

Cold also innit, really hope I’ve got my thicker duvet with me here.

@guntrip Never seen them! One of those ones that I missed when I first fell in love with them, next tours were for albums I didn’t care much about, and now I’m back round to the stage of just wanting to see them for the sake of it, as they’ll be great even for “lesser” albums. Silly lad.

Done last month’s expenses, so that’s probably all the work I can manage today.

Have you made the go home thread yet? Kills another 10


Hi! Raffle here :arrow_down:, trying to minimise the amount of people on Friday saying that they meant to enter but didn’t.


it’s next to loch lomond mate



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