Monday Funday

do you think it wags


Have you donated to the raffle/filled in prize form?

don’t like presents, sorry

Prizes not presents

Potato, potato.

Doesn’t work.

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Glad you went then, that could have escalated nastily

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Alright. GWS sheeldz man

5hrs left here, then off tomorrow. Trying to decide whether to beer or not tonight. Not had a drop for a week. Hmmmm.

New trainers are pretty snazzy


(is this a joke im no getting?)

Think the prizes are a bit better than that.


I hope they operate before it bursts - once it’s changed from appendicitis to peritonitis it’s a whole load worse. It happened to me and I count it amongst my numerous brushes with death. I left that bit out last night because I didn’t want to be too dramatic just in case it was trapped wind.

Not if you get profk

Anyway, I’m having a great day so far, which can be suitably summed up by what my satnav told me when I set off to work this morning

Morning Sheeldz - feeling for you, I had one of those when I was 20. Mine had gone pop which was nice.

You are going to have a few weeks of resting up and enforced bed / sofa time


I’m WFH, trying to be productive

Morning team. Bad ribs means nae sleep but at least I’m off from work for the next few days. Gonna continue my Twin Peaks: The Return rewatch through this perfect bleary eyed delirium. How early is too early for red wine?

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Close call @escutcheon :grimacing: GWS!

when did you sneak back in?!


Get well soon @escutcheon. Will freely admit I’m the sort who would have said ‘probs a bit of trapped wind you’ll be fine’ so glad you had some sensible dissers to tell you to get it checked out!!

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