Monday good karma thread

I just walked past an unattended beeping ATM with either 10 or 20 quid poking out of it and i walked past and left it knowing that the machine sucks it back in and goes back into the persons account. Except when i turned around i think some other guy took it thinking no one was watching :confused:


having some coffee and granola, p good if i’m honest.hopefully wrapping up on the job i’m on today so that’ll be good karma.

Morning Fappable,

You did the right thing with the ATM situation, shame about the other person…

As to whether I will have good or bad karma today is still be decided. I didn’t get up and go swimming instead favouring the warmth of my bed. So that might have negative repercussions…


My boss isn’t in so I can probably sneak off to protest early, so that’s good.

New work system gets implemented today. I give it half an hour before everything’s on fire.

Morning Fapps, morning all

(Almost) made it through the shittest month of the year.

I managed about 14 days of Dry Jan then succumbed: best decision ever. I am feeling unreasonably optimistic about the rest of 2017.



Morning! In Berlin airport en route back to Scotland. Gonna try do some life admin when I get back and head to the protest later.

Great #CONTENT on today.

Can’t access the boards but can see a very impressive advert for THE GREAT WALL.

Also, HM Government is telling me to START SELLING OVERSEAS.

All good advice.

Cat puke and shit outside the bedroom door and a dismembered bird :bird: by the front door.

Beeves on my group whatsapp.

But I’m pushing back and determined to stay in the good mood I woke up in.

Fair play for the £20 Fapps - you don’t want the bad karmic trail of taking it. I do kinda believe in that shit. Not in a mystical sense so much as how it plays on your mind and how you perceive yourself.

Got a headache


:new: :bike:

:new: :homes:


Watching the news / Twitter on a loop all weekend and 2 day hangover isn’t helping the Monday dread.

correct order of importance


Tired but determined to make this week a good one. Had a v nice weekend apart from my Sunday hangover which may have been the worst thing on the planet ever.

It cleared up though once I’d taken my niece to the cinema (still in last night’s clothes, cleaned my teeth in the Sainsbury’s car park just before) and then we played X Box and ate stir fry. A*.

Where bounce u prostin hun?

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Gonna be protesting in Nottingham tonight if my bus doesn’t get in too late because of the protest.


the rear light died on my ride yesterday due to extreme mud and rain – the USB charging port has completely corroded so i also need:

:new: :bulb:

Great St Mary’s, five till seven.


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