Monday good karma thread

Not sure about karma, but Theo made me a LEVEL 4 LEADER over the weekend. Gonna be hard to top that.

i sort of like when things break bc i get to buy a newer better thing

obvs caveat for when they break and leave me totally shafted an hours walk away from a train station

All disappeared!!!

Great work sean.

Morning champs. Weekend was ok, went out for pizza in Victoria Park Village and looked after this doggo:

Watched Kate Plays Christine and Cannibal Holocaust.



you’re like the kid that goes to tell another teacher when your own teacher never showed up


I’m in a foul mood because I woke up at 3:30am due to insomnia. My bf was staying over so I couldn’t even do gym at 6am.

Weekend was nice with my friend and then chill out with bf yesterday. I’ve hurt my hamstrings (?? back of my thighs?) but I still have to go gym again tonight. Got a hard push for the next 3 weeks before my holiday.

I’ve already had an argument with someone at work about Trump. He has a Muslim girlfriend so I asked how he’d feel if when they returned from holiday that she got deported and he said "well that’s democracy innit"

despite the world collapsing daily i’m in a pretty good mood

did all my tax stuff yesterday and had a great run in the poring rain, was totally drenched by the time i got in, might as well have run through a lake


went to a party on Saturday which i didn’t really enjoy but put some plans in place to do some music with an insanely good jazz guitarist - which could be an interesting mix of styles and skill levels!

Morning everyone.

Bit tired and hungover - my Tuesday date got brought forward to last night and the pub it was in had Magic Rock Highwire on tap. Ended up having 4 pints plus some wine

Did a good bike ride yesterday, and had a decent lunch with my boy on Saturday from a decent new Caribbean place. Watched that Holy Hell documentary on Netflix on Saturday eve after some people on here mentioned it. Holy Hell!

alo watched ‘over the top’ on friday evening. absolutely amazing / terrible

are there any nice people at your work? where are they finding these cunts?


There’s an anti-Trump protest in Newcastle tonight and it seems like a fair few people are going. I’m thinking about heading down after work but I really don’t know if I can be arsed.

Other than that it looks to be the usual Monday i.e. every reminder there’s four more days to go after this brings on a headache.

Haha. It’s usually just the same handful of people that sit near me that are mean to my mental health AND have shitty opinions on women, politics etc. Imagine being ok for your Muslim girlfriend to be deported cause someone else voted for that. It’s so laughable!

It’s ok though because I have been told that women love to moan so therefore my opinions aren’t actually valid cause I’m just a moaning woman (I was moaning about the message it sends to us about Theresea May holding hands with Trump i.e. holding hands with a racist/sexist/pussy grabber). This coming from someone who voted Brexit because…oh they don’t know why, they didn’t think it would actually happen.

My eyes hurt from rolling them so much and it’s only 10:30am.

it has slots for different denominations?

Obviously means the box on the inside of the bank where they stack the money in order to come out of the wall outside.

no fapps is right, it’s obvious really I was just being daft


Could you ask HR to be moved or better yet, ask for them all to be moved elsewhere?

please get a new job


I’ve been good, when do I get the good karma?