Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread

Can you spot where the bass line comes from?

No - like I say I’m blummin’ rubbish at remembering these things. It’s something very familiar but I can’t place it. I wouldn’t have recognised the SoM bit if I hadn’t tried to do something with it about once a year for lord knows how long.

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getting round to listening to this, its an @Elights delight!


Thank you sir!

After the smash hit that was last week’s episode - 2.5k plays on the podcast feed no less - I’m back with a “normal” show with our new faither @AphexTwinkletoes on it, plus other glorious good shit I’ve nicked from this here forum.



:heart_eyes: cheers pal! Will have a listen with R later :slight_smile:

Careful, don’t leave it too late or it’ll be a retirement home crisis rap mixtape!


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Just listening to the latest episode while cooking. First track is a belter! Dunno what it is yet?

Oh, wait it’s just finished. Tycho!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: