Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread


this is a cracker this one


Just started listening now. It’ll be good to catch up on what’s going on over at Twoism (haven’t properly posted there in aaaagees)



Well then.


I forgot I wasn’t listening to MHtRtC for a second there and was quite surprised for a second to hear yr voice. I know Boards of Canada hide subtle details in their music, but it would’ve been very impressive to have sneaked that past me for so long


Incidentally, despite not having heard loads of this (there was so much IDM from around this time) this is taking me back to being 13 or however old I was when I heard Kid A for the first time and got into Aphex Twin / BoC / Warp through watching David Firth cartoons round my friend’s house

Also, great shout on ‘Flim’. Sadly it’s probably best known for encouraging a bleak comments section


Bola and Phonem :ok_hand:



I love Wisp. Reminds me of trawling through netlabels circa 2006.

And yeah, Substrata is the best ambient album of all time :wink:


I did it. One a week.

Though for some reason my artwork isn’t loading. :frowning:


Just starting to listen now. Slow Meadow is so bloody lovely.


Remind me this is here in the morning!


Great show, this and a couple of things I need to check out off the back of it. Always interesting to hear your own work sitting alongside established artists and (at least for me) it not sounding out of place.

Edit: spoilers!!!

Mix from Aphex into Radiohead was a neat touch too.




Yeah, thanks! I have the bug again, going to try and not squander the momentum.


Not going to stop, even if I can’t get into my studio.

Vocal show version coming up by the week’s end.


Hi there.

As I am moving, shows are being compressed. You’re going to get one a day until Monday.

Episode 150 is here.


Love that you got a comment wondering why you didn’t put T69 Collapse on. Poor old Aphex needs the publicity.


He’s the unsung hero of electronic music is Aphex.


It’d have no place on that mix, for fucks sake!


Ah cheers :relaxed: