Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread



Episode 151…


Hi there troops.

Been far too long but this one’s a belter. Features the team over on the Disintegration State label, which is simply awesome.

And it is the first of many to come soon I reckon.


Hi there troops.

Episode 153rd is here. Loads of good shit.


Sweet. Just got an email about this from mixcloud. Will pop it on tomorrow morning.


Shit, I didn’t realise Mixcloud mailed out on my behalf! That’s neat.


That Mono track is good eh? Always bounced off them a bit but this could persuade me to check our their latest.


Great show - I like that you play things you’re not necessarily clicking with but feel like you ought to be enjoying. Had very similar reactions to both Timmy H and the WB/LE collaboration and haven’t really gone back to explore either.


Yeah, I put them on the list in advance of really digesting so by the time I do the show I have more formed thoughts on them


They’ve been on a bit of a so-so run imo but I really like that track. Sounds like they’re taking it back to their Under the Pipal Tree/ One Step More and You Die era stuff.







Hi there troops. Got a few DiS luminaries on this week’s one.


Looking forward to giving all the vidja games ones a listen :+1:


Oh, their good ones. I was just flexing my muscles into the not on radio thing. They were fun! Stoked to do some other ones.


Because this show suited it, I’ve done a non-vocal mix variant for the first time.


I’m launching three new podcasts. As if you needed more.



Awesome! Looking forward to these


Wow! Exciting stuff