Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread


This and the gameyard idea is hypeworthy


Did an announcement.

And also did a whole new episode.


Hi team.

Featuring @colossalhorse of course.


Listening now - with you on the latest Hammock not quite hitting the heights of Mysterium




Episode 158 is here! It is a fucking belter.

A best of 2018 kinda.

Join the Patreon? Sure!


Great show, this. At some point I’m gonna go down the rabbit hole with Faint and listen to everything they’ve put out.


Sweet, I was struggling to decide what to listen to this morning :+1:


Amusing anecdote: I was deleting a file on the work Mac and the trash paper noise sounded at the exact same time as that that my rhythm started in the last track.

Thought the Mac was crashing for about two minutes before I clocked it. Nice contemporary reboot of that “I’m not sure if my Autechre CD is skipping” thing


Oh wow, playing that Sarah Davachi track, Always Up and From When I Wake the Want Is back to back is genius. They all blend together so well.


All the Faint artwork looks so great, looking at their bandcamp. Love their aesthetic.

(The Araceae track is :ok_hand: too)


I know, right? Was awesome hearing it back.


ive totally used that mac trash noise in a track before


Ooo just got a patreon email. Will give this a listen tomorrow :slight_smile:


I’d meant to contribute to this, I think (unless I’m totally misremembering you asking for contributions in which case no I didnt)


@sheeldz if someone hadn’t listened to the record being covered on Focus (:sweat_smile:) would you suggest listening to that first before listening to the show? Asking for a friend…


Nah, not sure. I am going to pick more obscure albums on the future (ramping up to draw in listeners, haha) but I play music from it and not from it…

Although it is my favourite album ever so you’re dead to me. :wink:


Not this one… Not yet


Good god how have I not discovered this thread until now. Blasphemy. Going to dive back into all of these. Really looking forward to it. Cheers.


158 episodes, not a single one shite.