Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread


Going to start from the #142 and work my way up to current. Liking what I’m hearing so far for sure. Keep up the good work and will definitely be tuning in to future podcasts.


Woah wait you’ve never listened to MHTRTC? It’s top 5 of all time for me.


Or… well… it might be that I’ve never really listened to Boards of Canada… full stop… :fearful:

I’m rectifying this today!


Yep, good album that :+1:



I hope you (all) enjoy the Focus when you listen to it. I already have a laundry list of changes I’m making fir the first Insight and the next Focus show (which I announced at the end of the Focus show).

Also, got a normal episode on Monday.


You’re spoiling us!


I very much enjoyed it - good to hear a bit about your history with them. I also got into them in the build-up to The Campfire Headphase, specifically Radiohead posting about it on their blog at the time. Fun to have the deep cut from BOC Maxima too.

Being a production dweeb I would be interested in hearing more on that side of things. e.g. BoC have such a distinctive sound which has been aped by loads of folks - where did that come from, how is it done, what has the impact been? That said, if I wasn’t a production dweeb I might find that mad dull so…


Great comments. I’ll make that a change for the future pods


Have I ever posted the cover on Olson I made when I was (looking at it now) 17 (!?!) on here?

It’s on my SC apparently


I’m not a Patreon at the moment (keep forgetting my password and need to make sure I don’t have too many ongoing subscriptions!), but I’m looking forward to this.

Totally seminal album for me that I got into largely by way of Radiohead (natch) and that was one of the albums that set off my teenage interest in Warp Records. Since I bought it (along with Elliott Smith’s S/T from a HMV in Stafford that no longer exists), new listens would reveal more and more things – particularly listening on sunny, cloudless mornings when I did my paper round was very rewarding. It’s part of what got me into more hip-hop-oriented stuff as well.

More recently, I missed a train because I didn’t want to leave the car until the amazing synth at the end of Happy Cycling kicked in. NO REGRETS


Focus 1 is out now!

Please, let me know what youse think.


Really enjoyed this, and like the new format a lot. Flows really well. Looking forward to the next!


that '98 Run-DMC remix brings me right back to a primary school talent show when a bunch of the nu-metaller kids did breakdancing to that track


I’ve forgotten how obsessed I was with the legendary pre-MHtRtC albums. I’m sure I made a bunch of stuff trying to imagine what music would fit with the cover to Acid Memories. I wonder what happened to those alleged plans for a box set (or was that just the Old Tunes tapes?)

BoC’s history is crazy, I do kind of hope there’s a book or something written about the Hexagon Sun Collective one day


Second half of my Graveyear and it’s pretty DiS State heavy.

Normal service returns next Monday.

Also, the next new podcast, Insight 1, is all about the Kranky label. Out on the 24th January.


Beautiful just finishing up dinner, going to pop this on right now.


Great show here. Perfect for the mood I was in, being a real windy cold day here in Connecticut. Beautiful shimmering electronics by the great Rival Consoles to start. LOVED the Mark Pritchard track. ‘Four Worlds’ was a fabulous release from last year, have to re-listen to that one. Hotel Neon lushness, beautiful as always.

But a great homage to the talent of the Disintegration State label. Some utterly fantastic releases from last year and the Mute Branches to start this year was phenomenal. That label is going nowhere but up. Glad to here you spreading the wealth with your high praise as well.
Had a mini listening party to a lot of their work over my place this weekend with some like minded ambient/drone friends, as I was praising the DiS boards. Pretty sure this is everyone’s new fav label.

BTW I hope the venue on the 16th of February has property insurance because if that Sunbane ‘Alchemist’ tune doesn’t blow the roof off of the place, I don’t know what will. :rofl:


Great show all around, but still aghast at just how good The Alchemist is. Every time I hear it I lose my mind a little bit.


Loved the MHTRTC pod :+1:t2:


Mate you are far too kind with your words on Cinder & Bone. Honestly felt a bit choked up at the end there.