Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread


Thanks pal!








Just want to say thanks for the support to you all! This past week has been as good a launch I could have hoped for.

Nice wee 12% up tick in subscribers AND a new Patron! Woop.


First show of the week!

Oh hai @manches-brute


Great show - not sure why I’ve never listened to Brian McBride before but I’m going to rectify that based on the track you played.


The first MG Insight pod is out now!

As always comments and criticism is welcomed.


This was good and interesting. I like how both this and the BoC episode tie into your own journey of discovering music.

They’re one of the big inspirations for Dis State alongside Sacred Bones - there’s a strong aesthetic coming more in the approach to music than the actual genre. On the face of it, there’s no way Deerhunter and Tim Hecker belong on the same label, but it makes a perfect sense in the context of Kranky.



Really enjoyed this, never knowingly listened to a Kranky record other than Deerhunter. Looking forward to the next Insight :wink:

Also hadn’t listened to much Tycho but listened to Dive ahead of the next Focus, don’t have much to say without listening more but really really lovely album.



also it was a great episode, I have a similar history with Kranky - as a label that kept cropping up on my radios when I was younger. My feeling at that time was that they reminded me of Warp but with a distinct American-ness that I found interesting (just as a lot of Warp stuff sounds distinctively UK-ish)




Also - this features what might be the ONLY cold open the show has ever done. Seriously.


Lovely stuff, and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Reminds me I need to listen to more Porya Hatami - went through a big phase a couple of years back. I reckon a show dedicated to the Iranian ambient / electronic scene would be really good actually - loads of really cool artists there.


Just getting to listen to this for the first time now.

Man, the opening strings of Moya… I’ve not been as into Godspeed’s new material since their return, but those first four records (first three in particular) tap into something really deep and instinctual within me.

You can really hear the enthusiasm in your voice as you’re telling the story here, and like @AphexTwinkletoes says, really like how you’re mixing in your own musical story and experience alongside the info about the labels. Lovely stuff man.


Oh shit, we’re next month’s label?! :grinning:



PS might bring my mic to the gig on a few weeks. Oh boym


I’ll book the media training for everyone.

“Let me be very clear about this…”
“You haven’t let me finish…”
“Yes, I was just coming to that…”
“I’ve already said we’ve been very clear about this…”


I’m sorry man but if I’m asked anything on mic I’m going rogue. It’s about time I got a platform to talk about how the world is definitely flat, the Queen has been dead for at least 20 years and that JFK never died he just went back to his home planet.

The people need to know.


Yes, but where does the Rand Corporation come into this?