Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread


Oh-hoho! Pull up a chair my good man, you have no idea how deep this goes…



Just listening to the new ep now while cooking tea. That @AphexTwinkletoes track opening it is a bit bloody good eh?


What i was trying to say with the album you understand is that… five hours later… chickens everywhere and i just watxhed and laughed


Reckon I might start a side project called The Rand Corporation


This was a weak closer

I promise to deliver in ny four hour whirlwind of controversy with PR interludes


:blush: cheers wowzers!


I was at a local Glasgow coffee shop yesterday sampling their wares. I was browsing throiugh albums ahead of Monday Graveyard episode 162, this coming Monday winks at camera and the server said “Oh, yeah, you like Biosphere?” and I said “Yeah, love them”. He then said that Ben Chatwin is playing the GLAD Cafe on Saturday, you’d like that if you like Biosphere. I agreed and said I know Ben, through my podcast.

He asked what podcast. I told him the MG.

Turned out he was a listener already. Oh boy. Made my week.


That’s brilliant! :smiley:


Focus 2: Dive is out for Patreons troops. Let me know if it is any cop.



Just finished the update, VTr is a proper banger isn’t it?

I need to stop saying banger…


I think the record sways between good and great. Not sure if it is 5/5 10/10 material but it is very good.


I’m in. Should be like BOC but every track is sinister a retro futurist advert for an all-encompassing dystopian bureaucracy.


The Dive episode is great. Only listened to it for the first time in the past couple of weeks but really enjoyed it. Felt like a sunny, summery album to me (maybe because of the artwork), but I can definitely hear the wintry side to it now that you mention it.

I love the sample in A Walk, that intake of breath that makes you think a lyric is imminent, creates a cool tension against the chilled out music. Coastal Brake is lovely too.


Dive episode is really good. The production discussion is pitched just right where it’s more about principles (instagram music) and process (sampling yourself) rather than going into too much technical detail.

Ulrich Schauss feels like a very obvious influence now I know about it. And as per usual, big fan of how the album ties into your own life.


Never really listened to Tycho (I remember him as a controversial figure from my days on the Twoism boards) so this’ll be an interesting listen.


Yeah, I really know it is a summery album but it never will fee like it to me.

Awesome note that.


This was directly relating to your comment. So glad you liked the change!

Yeah I remember that. Many said he was too close to Boac (off considering some of the too-close Boc One on Twoism stuff) but als many said he wasn’t ding anything interesting with his obviously impressive vintage synth collection.


Looking forward to giving this a listen, Dive is an album I never really connected with (it’s the one with the live instrumentation right?) I liked the preceding album better, the more boc-ish sounding one. So am hoping this maybe sparks a reappraisal of it for me.


Dive was done mostly on synths, the following album Awaken uses live instruments as I understand it.


Ah, it must’ve been that one I was thinking of! I heard a few tracks from it but it really didn’t ‘awaken’ anything in me. Looking forward to the podcast nonetheless.


Hi troops, ONE SIX TWO is here.

Feat a wee bit of Dis State, because I am only human.