Monday Graveyard Podcast Thread


going to double up on the last 2-3 I’ve missed tonight I reckon.


You lovely gent.


Forgot how good Labradford’s discography is. Yeah kranky top notch label, with some great new signings with the likes of Dedekind Cut, High Plains, Earthen Sea. I wish they would push McBride and Wiltzie a bit more however to get new material out :smile:


oooooo that smooth and funky sax from that Leaving Richmond track. Swoon. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Starting an episode with the first (proper) notes of Substrata just makes me wanna listen to Substrata :wink:


That Aphex track is top 10 tracks of all time for me. So simple but so enthralling.


Hi troops, as expected and promised here is the second Episode of the Monday Graveyard Focus all about our boys Tycho, back when he was just a boy.

I love this album, so I hope that you learned something or learn to like it. :wink:


Yyyyyeeeesss come on die young


Listening to the album now having finished le cast


I’ve just written the script for this. How much of Glasgow’s history can I put into a podcast about a 1999 post rock album?


Episode 163 is out now to stream.


Episode 164 is out now! Feats me butchtering @OttoMaddox’s artist name, and i feel bad about it. Sorry pal. Love the music and album, but my notes missed the “fall” off your name! Twat.

Oh, fucks sake, loaded it up with the number 154 not 164, so the link is now buggered. Argh.


Wasn’t expecting the LucasArts chat partway through. Very pleasantly surprised.

The band Pram always remind me of those old adventure games in a strange way


This is a great episode. Any mention of the SCUMM engine or the Blade Runner point and click game gets extra points from me!


Glad that there’s someone else out there who enjoys vaporwave to some degree! Massively binged on luxury elite off the back of the Data Wing soundtrack:

Really enjoyed the Fragile X, Pye Corner Audio, death’s dynamic shroud.wmv and Bodies Under The Waterfall tracks :ok_hand:


I really wish it was easier to find good vaporwave, searching based on the term is basically plunging into some incredibly deep depths of radically varying quality. When it’s good though, there’s nothing else like it


This Black Taffy album is mega up my street too


I recognise that pedal board from somewhere… great work as always. That opener from Fragile X is a belter isn’t it?


Yup another great episode here. I had never heard of Pye Corner Audio prior to your rec. Really enjoyed their most recent, probably going to dive into their discography this evening to catch up.


Did you meet him in Manchester?