Monday (I don't wanna)

Cold and dark. Forgot to order grapes for my granola…urgh Happy Monday everybody!!


Meant to be working from one of our new offices so they can take photos but I am not model material and I don’t want to go to town, doesn’t look like many others are going though so feel like I have to but I just don’t feel safe doing it based on town being the busiest I’ve seen it yesterday. But part of me really does want to be in the office and see others and not be in my messy flat.

What to do?

The boy ended up in our bed for the third night out of the last four. I don’t even know what the reason was last night. Bah.

In better news Pascal’s leg seems much improved today which is a big relief.

Firstly you always look great.

Secondly yes town will be busy but I doubt as busy as weekend.

Good luck x


Plumber showed up at half seven. I’m afraid to look down to see how I dressed in a scramble in the dark in case my pants are inside out and outside my trousers or something.

“Is it a bit early?”

“No, it’s fine!” I cheerfully lied.


All day meeting. And a meeting before the all day meeting. Hell

Sending positive vibes. You’ll nail it x


Who are you, and what have you done with the real @Epimer?

I have decades of practice of bluffing my way through social interactions


I’m going in, mostly decided because my neighbour said he’d take M to breakfast club for me so I could get in on time.

Got my crocheting in my bag to make the most of the commute. Exciting.


Had a dream that all the DiS secret Santa presents got delivered to my house and I had to drive around in a van giving them out.


Who’s bloody Instagram am I following then? :thinking::wink:

Good luck with it. They’re dropping masks a lot more now here and even that is sort of freaking me out and there’s basically no cases at all here so I can feel you anxieties.


You’ll be glad you did I’m sure X

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Hi all

I slept almost too well last night: my brain is as foggy as the weather, and I have a mild dehydration headache.

Hugs to anyone with scary or shitty days, or who just needs it xxx

Only got 3-4 hours sleep so I feel lile a sack of rubbish. Last day of R’s exclusion today so he is still at home, need to try prepare him to go back into his new class though. At least he’s in a good mood currently :slight_smile:

D&D night and I really hope I stay awake for it as it is my weekly highlight. Think I get to pick a new spell because I leveled up, exciting.

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I dunno, I’m a bit concerned about you getting taken by the fog from the look of that picture.


Is there any worse breakfast option than the dregs of one box of cereal mixed with a completely different and incompatible cereal because there wasn’t enough for a bowl?
(while being appreciative that at least it is filling)


FYI this is like a standard for me and v frustrating. Normally thanks to F having a bad night. But yeah, you’re trying to play D&D and you’re Yawning your head off.

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