Monday, I suppose

Blergh. Got a Jimmy’s iced coffee and am rolling over to go back to sleep.


Morning dis :blush:

Off to do some filming for the beeb, typically one hour before I’m having my haircut and would potentiall look half presentable.

Got to show some artists around different buildings today and I haven’t got permissions sorted and I just cba tbh.

Payday, and whilst that still falls short of taking me out of my overdraft by a cool £380 I’m going to stuff my face with a pastry and buy myself some 70s style clogs from Lotta anyway


Ehcp review then 7 solid hours of interviewing


My pal’s gone on a last minute holiday to Antigua and now I’m sat here staring sadly at my various short sleeve bold print shirts (palm trees, flamingos, etc) hanging up in the wardrobe and trying to motivate myself to do my sad little work tasks.


cba levels are high, not that there’s particularly anything I need to do.

Need to walk the dog and could do with popping to the shops but the weather is a bit miserable again.

Feel generally filled with dread and like my chest is made of lead.

Want something nice to eat but have a bloody Yodel delivery coming which means I need to stay in all day.

Into new office for first time in … ever. For a year end/performance review that will be no bueno, then onto lots of paper writing/editing etc for a big board meeting on Thursday

work day can’t end fast enough!

Tired, mates. Think I’ve got De Quervains tenosynovitis coming on from repeatedly picking a baby up. Would love a nap, but you know :skull_and_crossbones:

Morning all

Really feeling the urge to bin off the internet completely atm



At bloody last. Finally out of Covid Jail. I’ve already taken full advantage of my newfound liberty but doing the school run, because my usual monday morning 8.45 has been moved to 9.15. Later this morning I’ll be popping out for a coffee rather than making one at home, and at lunchtime I’m going to go and sit on the beach.


Weird day. First day back after a week off. Finishing at 1.30 and off tomorrow :person_shrugging:

So going to be hard to get a rhythm going into this week. Oh well. Backs gone again, so loaded up on the old painkillers to try and sort it.

Going to look at another fucking house at lunchtime. Fuck this.

Starting off the week right


Morning everyone :wave:

Feeling like absolute shite, haha. So unhealthy at the moment. Feel like I need to go on a detox.

Anyway, excited at @inthedusk lotta purchase. I’ve always wanted something from them but have never indulged. Let me live through you and tell me all about them when you get them!



Last few days on my old job, workload is minimal

Waiting for a sainos delivery - new tv is coming later :nerd_face:. (Literal tv, I still haven’t got a girlfriend) . Hope Ben upstairs is wfh today so I can get him to help me put it on the wall thing

I really want a closed toe low heel pair too to wear regularly (which are currently on sale) but i cant afford both so having to just get ones i wont be able to walk in now as i need something a bit nicer for an event in spring. Wish I’d mastered wearing heels.

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Oh I realised I never did get back to you about my wife’s Lottas

No worries :relaxed:

Haha aaah I’m the same. I walk really funny when I wear heels. I’ve got a pair of ankle heeled boots that are comfy and not too high but I tried to walk a distance in them recently and had to give up and abandon my bf to get the bus or else we would have been late.

Stupid feet.

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Yeah i really plod around very unelegantly which should be intersting in hard wooden shoes that make a lot of noise.

Me in heels