Monday II: the evening

hello. what’s going on tonight?

obviously everyone already posted what they’re having for tea in japes’ banal thread so please confirm whether or not that was indeed the case.

erm, i guess that’s it. have a nice eve!!

warning: bread overload!

reading is probably all i’ll do tonight too tbh, after watching eggheads of course that is.

Kiev, chips peas for tea. Gonna go shopping for food in a sec. That’s it for tonight.

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Evening Eric/ghostpony. Might watch some of the match in the local tonight to see if I can complete a Lazarus-like comeback in the office Fantasy Football league.
Other than that, making my work food for next week. It’s oddly satisfying - on the menu this week is two lots of defrosted M&S rice and chorizo soup, one pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce and a mushy peas with pork belly.

probably going to have some takeaway of some sort

might start playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild tonight

@ericVI @ghostpony what you reading at the minute?

I’m eating the spicy chicken and homous wrap that I said I would. Currently trying to think of good reasons not to got to the gym.

mark some spellings, watch some Surgeons

eat some jacket potato

crazy night right here.

just watching some old school Law & Order; great show

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that sounds like a pretty good evening, depending on the takeaway choice! any leads?

i’m re-reading wind up bird chronicle, hate to be one of those bores that loves murakami but man, it is so good. got paprika by yasutaka tsusui lined up for after. in a japan mood at the minute.

the first 4 or 5 seasons are amazing!

Just enjoy seeing Jerry Orbach snarl a sarcastic response.

any hilarious misspellings?

(had to google to check i didn’t misspell that)

Evening all. Just getting ready to go to work.

Only went and won the music quiz in the local craft beer pub last night, didn’t I? Key moments included knowing the names of Bryan Adams’ bandmates in ‘Summer of 69’ and naming the top pop hit of last summer (I then spent the rest of the night singing “Des-pa-ci-to / that’s how we do it down in Puerto Rico” in celebration, out of tune).

Team name: Shithole Country (and Western) which I thought was pretty good.

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was going to get indian, but I’m now thinking fish and chips.

what a dilemma

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need to start packing at some point. still dunno what to get for tea, so probably pizza isn’t it.

not much else to do. thought about going to the pictures but i’ve seen all the half decent stuff that’s showing already.

Fish and chips with curry sauce in the chips


would fucking smash that tbqh

where yaff tae

hiya eric, everyone :wave:

I was wrong, it’s trout not salmon. So we’re having that. Quinoa’s a bit of a faff isn’t it?

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I’d like to hear you do a vocaroo of a Scottish accent please