Boo :-1:

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Just found out that dolce and gabbana are two actual people, thought it was just a brand name like marks and spencer’s

I need to buy a car soon, thought about making a separate thread for advice but not sure it would be welcomed


There’s a car thread here, chief: Car / Driving thread (rolling) 🚗🛣️🚦⛽🚗 - #213 by jont2001

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Let them bring their toys in for the last afternoon?

Plan to put Mean Girls on to keep them occupied but don’t be too bothered if they just decide not to bother coming in?

Congratulations on your impending rapture!


I’m going to invent hip hop?!?

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Yep!! Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce!

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It’s actually Joe Dolce, of Shuttupya Face fame.


Morning all!

I went to a pub for a drink yesterday. We arrived just before last orders (8.30) and had one (1) drink. No other pubs were still serving so we had some cans in my mate’s yard.

We’re driving back to Glasgow today. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.

It’s the nephews 10th Birthday, so I’ve booked half a day off work.

Working from home for an hour, then the office for a couple of hours and later meeting family on the park for a socially distanced picnic.

WELL ACTUALLY Marks and Spencer’s were two people.

Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks.

So it’s EXACTLY the same.

EDIT : need more emphasis on the “well actually”


if the rapture’s happened and we’re still here that means… aw man. :frowning:

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Well, that’s what any sensible year 6 teacher would do!

working and looking after a 5 and 2 year old :joy: :tired_face:

yeah man! (x2)


ffs i want this dress now

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This might be all I achieve today.


Woke up feeling fired up to be really productive and apart from a quick call with my manager I’ve faffed about. Again. ARGH.

Got d&d tonight with @sadpunk @anon67149139 @anon42112221 @keith @Songs_about_ducking @grievoustim :mage: :elf: :axe: :crossed_swords: :wolf: :beers: