Monday is happening right now


Either I’m an idiot or there’s no Monday thread yet.

Today I am working at my parents house then going to see Nick Cave in Birmingham.

That’s what I call quite exciting (the last bit anyway).

What are you all up to?

Hello. Just bumped into a friend in a service station. Always seems to happen. My Greggs was cold though.

I bumped into Clare Balding in Blythe services once. She was smaller than I expected

Should watch where you’re going more then.


Does your friend work at the service station?

We’re off to test baby slings so we can ‘wear’ mini-toes. Beyond that, I desperately need a nap.

This morning before work I have packed in a shower, breakfast, a batch cook of lunches, an episode of Last Week Tonight and some video game time. What a productive morning :partying_face:


No maoam

Damn you @paidinfull. I thought we all had an agreement to stop this happening!



My wife and kids are going to Canada on Sunday for seven weeks and I’m staying behind. Got that new job to start. This week will be insane too - eldest is finishing up for nursery before P1 (fuuuuck) so there’s loads of things on. Need to sort out money, prescriptions, packing, and a new stroller and… Yeah. Bloody hell.

All good thanks.

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morning all

i have a meeting from 9-5 today, great stuff. at least i’ve made it so that it’s at our best office so it’s a change of scenery, plus the room i’ve booked is alright. and so far no-one’s turned up, so that’s great :clap:

train journey in today was terrible, and from tomorrow onwards there are strikes, reducing my line from 6 trains per hour to 2. that’ll be fun.

Morning all!

WFH, got a handful of meetings, but nothing that isn’t manageable, and the sun’s out. If Monday’s going to have to turn up, at least it’s having the decency to break me into the week gently.

Morning all!

No interesting events this morning but I’m being trained on how to use a new blood meter this afternoon, which will revolutionise and improve my life in the same way the technologies in David Cronenburg’s Xistenz did those characters’.

Jerk pork and plantain for tea.

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Ugh I wish it wasn’t :sob:
So much dread.

Morning everyone.
Got up for a walk this morning :sunny:
Oooh 6 music is playing Minnie the Moocher :blush:
Going to get through the working day by treating myself to some CRJ.
Visiting my elderly friend this afternoon, feel bad saying this but I hope she doesn’t bum me out too much :thinking:

It’s my birthday next week!!

Contains one of the all time great rhymes

She had a dream about the king of Sweden
He gave her things that she’d been needin’ :smile:

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Dread high.
Was sick overnight but think it was down to something I ate.
Meeting tonight I don’t really have much urge to attend.

Been gym, knackered. Got to get on my very most favourite train to London in a bit :sleeping:

Hangover has lifted, work seems fine, just waiting on payday so I can chuck some money at some new guitar pedals.

I’m currently at the dentists waiting to go in for a replacement filling :frowning:

I was going to WFH this morning but I can’t connect to my work PC. I’ve asked someone to reboot it, hopefully that’ll do the trick or I’ll be heading in.