Monday is happening right now

Hangover has lifted, work seems fine, just waiting on payday so I can chuck some money at some new guitar pedals.

I’m currently at the dentists waiting to go in for a replacement filling :frowning:

I was going to WFH this morning but I can’t connect to my work PC. I’ve asked someone to reboot it, hopefully that’ll do the trick or I’ll be heading in.

See it
Say it

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Think there is a train strike so going to try and work from home the rest of the week

I’m in work but it’s a bad start to the week already, best option in the biscuit tin was just the shitty cheap version of Bourbons. Not impressed.

Who is responsible for filling the biscuit tin?

To whom it may concern:

Fuck off Monday.

Yours sincerely,

PS No really fuck right off


Genuinely don’t know, at this point I assume we have a biscuit fairy


Hungover as fuck. Had to leave the office and go to Greggs to try and sort myself out

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Seems like the only logical explanation.

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Doesn’t even rhyme.



Finished my book, gonna go the library pick another. Fancy some Glasgow history or architecture.

Absolutely :star2: t h r i l l e d :star2: to be back at work after four days off

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dear god is this really happening

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First day back in the office after holibobs.

Had a bunch of panicked emails about some fuck up I supposedly did which has resulted in a IRRECONCILABLE and PERMANENT LOSS of LEGAL RIGHTS and other scary words and official letters. Except I didn’t actually fuck anything up at all and some bureaucrat can’t read.

Been a great hour figuring that out, though. Exactly what I needed.


I have so many mosquito bites :weary::weary:

I feel your pain, this is me every day :frowning:

they also played this tuuuuuune not long after that - I played it louuud in the car

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I ended up going for a roast with the kids yesterday lunchtime for fathers day

turns out having 3 pints was a bit of an error and the rest of the day was a bit of a drowsy kinda hungover sofa bound write off, oh well

Lovely day today - got drinks with a friend tonight who’s on a flying visit from the US. I’m not sure how many other people there I’ll know though

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