Monday is here again

Alright? Been at work for half an hour or so already, packing up orders and listening to the first Hundred Reasons record to keep me alert. Gonna be a busy one, then off to the Dartmouth Supermarket Triangle after work I think to get all manner of Christmas treats and that. What’s happening today then?


Morning :wave:

I’ve been up since before 5am - currently heading to Southend for work. I was due to be in Basildon this afternoon but they’ve cancelled on me, so I’m probably going to kill time in London this afternoon til my advance-booked train to Stoke at 5.30ish.

Any suggestions as to what to do with an an afternoon in London? (Other than “spend it with me, CCB!” and “M&Ms World / OXO Tower / Spearmint Rhino etc etc”)

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Been umming and aahing about wfh or office for so long that’s it’s basically at the point of being I need to wfh

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Presuming you’re coming into London at Liverpool Street and the leaving via Euston (?), I’d just take a nice leisurely walk between the two, sticking to the backstreets - you’ve got some of the best urban design in the country between the two, with all manner of little parks, mews, cafes, great historic and modern buildings tucked away on streets buses will never take you along.

Alternatively, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.


Last Monday of the year, LET’S DO THIS TEAM.

  • Working today
  • Nope

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My last day off before the big day itself. Going to have a restful one and gird my loins for the coming onslaught.

Should be a relatively easy week as long as the head of finance is happy with the work I’m doing on the budget.

It’s my last working day of the year, so I treated myself to this bad boy for breakfast

Wfh and all my management are off, I’ve set myself a fairly ambitious task and I’m totally sure it’ll go well


Bit nervous as got my first external(over teams) meeting where I have to discuss a technical point in ages.

And I’m rushing to finish something first

It’s a normal day for me today, except I’m logged into work already, and the rest of the family are still up in bed. I reckon I’ll book thursday off, and I know I’ll get let off early on friday, which will make it pretty much a three day week for me

Also, it’s still quite dark out - wasn’t sunrise meant to be about 45 minutes ago?

I’m coming into Fenchurch Street but presumably could do the same if it’s not too wet :slight_smile:

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morning punx,

They are talking about jeremy clarkson on tv with someone defending him as just being funny. has he got a book out? guess it’s time to do some work…

or maybe i’ll go make another cuppa and do the boys some porridge.

smell you laters

usual motivation woes.

Oh great it’s a bit warmer and no ice

100% chance of rain :frowning:

Early September called and it wants its 14 degrees back.


Work, actually purchase some presents, feel mildly less stressed by everything - achievable


It’s gross. No coat is suitable for this weather.


Last day at work for the year thank fuck.

Gonna have a nice takeaway and watch a christmas film with the TV before she flies off to her parents for christmas tomorrow.
Reckon i might go to my mum and dads tomorrow and steal their heating and food for a week

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