Monday - it's coming Rome

Absolutely exhausted but got a thicc can of Monster and might be getting a McDonalds breakfast with me da (brother and mum out working in person). Dunno why I’ve put on weight tbh.

Find out today whether I’m going to Bristol for work this week.

Mum’s birthday today so we are going for a curry after work.

My holiday is next Friday! :heart_eyes: :100: :train:



Morning pervo and everyone below

Just had my porridge.

About to take dog for his walk then going to get the shopping. Perhaps a quick bike ride when I get back.

And then, most excitingly, I’m back at work this afternoon after 10 weeks off. Don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be going to work.

Didn’t do much work last week and now I’ve got loads to do??? Unbelievable.

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Are you me?

meeting at 8:30am
nice one Graeme

Cancelled this morning’s leave.


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Morning :wave:

First day back today after a week’s leave. Woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so started ploughing through my work emails (and setting ‘delay delivery’ on all my replies so people didn’t freak out about me being on my laptop at 5am on my first day back). Also picked up the Tesco Click and Collect.

On the plus side, the house is looking absolutely lovely at the moment :slight_smile:



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Think everyone decided to stay in bed and get an Uber to work today. 4x surge in Leeds this morning at 7.30

My 3 blisters that have become one are now at intolerable levels of pain and still 10 more days of tours. Can’t believe my shoes decided to become worn and uncomfortable literally the week of tons of walking but have been fine for the last 7000 miles. Can’t afford any new blister plasters until 28th much less shoes :sob::sob::sob:

So very tired

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Have been at my mum’s house for a few days, just love this window so much. The other side of the house has shutters so this is the only bedroom like this


Couldn’t get an Uber home and bus was cancelled so got a room at the Hilton with a sweet discount as it’s my gym too. Should’ve probably left by now but still in bed. :man_shrugging:

I think my hangover is kicking in.

Overheard incredible sound bite on the way to work:

[woman on the phone]

“Yeah I’m on the way, be there in about 20 minutes. Who won the match??”




Morning all!

I’m going for groceries once Wor Lass writes me a list. I will probably treat myself to a coffee and a muffin afterwards. I might sort some admin after that or I might just play games.

I’ve got football tonight so looking forward to the typical measured Scottish response to English results.

Slightly hanging. Started ‘working’. Absolutely tipping it down. Shite country #goaway.

Still in bed. So tired. Start work at 9.


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yesterday my life was filled with rain