Monday 😽


How is everyone?

Someone accidentally booked me into a premier class and I have really made the most of the free food. Loving being covered in flakes of pastry reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover.


I want to put my head in a vice and crush it until Monday is over


Feels a bit strange to be back working from home after a week of solid meetings in India.
Our road looks very icy and I’m not looking forward to driving the TV to the station.


Had a lovely weekend and got the right amount of tipsy last night and cba




I am not in a good way. Lost all feeling in my little fingers. GREAT STUFF.

But here we are. Will leave for work shortly. Christ.


Back to my old job on half the money today :disappointed:

With a(nother) restructure, enrolments of students who, to put it lightly, are pains in the arse, increasingly outrageous demands, ridiculously inhibiting guidelines and rules, colleagues who are stodgy as fuck, the CBA levels are through the roof.




If it makes anyone feel any better, I have a bruised coccyx and am behind at work and dont know what I am doing with my life.


Gonna pick that bike fit book up from the Barbican Library later.


I really can’t face work or people today. This is going to be fun.



Lost 5 pounds this week. Can I have a pizza now?


Have two! Great stuff.

Kids awake at 6.45 this morning after MrS crashed about in the dark trying not to wake us.

Got friend round for cup of tea then off to Bath for wander and R going to a roller skating party.

Tea and toast first though…


I broke my own rule and had a pizza when I’ve got work the next day. My stomach is FURIOUS at me right now.


Don’t do it. I got a take out yesterday and after weeks of eating healthy it’s made me feel very ill since.


Cba tbqfh m3s.

Pubrunner tonight, so that’s something to look forward to at least. Also seeing That Boris in That Norwich on Friday.




i’m wearing three hats


Morning all. I was woken by mum telling me the bathroom was free but turns out I dreamt that entirely. Lucid dreams are really disorienting.
Back to London later, for gym, Loveless and a pint.


with your two favourite allies?