Monday lunch feat. BONUS QUESTION

what is lunch today???


you are in a cafe and have gone for the soup and a sandwich combo. you dunking the sandwich in the soup?

  • would dunk
  • would not dunk

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can’t envisage this ever happening I’m afraid


it will require an incredible stretch of the imagination, granted. but see what you can do.

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I’ve tried. Sorry :frowning:

lamb meatballs in a tomato sauce with cous cous and flatbread (from cafe at work), it’s nice

finished off with a slice of cherry loaf someone has brought in

  • Falafel place
  • Bagel place
  • Misery meal deal

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I’m going to invest the five pounds I found in the car park this morning in some tasty, tasty canteen food. I will post details in about an hour.

*sets up phone alert reminder*

I had roast chicken, roasted vegetables and cous cous. now I’m stuffing my face full of wine gums

underrated sweets i feel. enjoy how you are kinda forced to savour them rather than just annihilate them like you would, say, a jelly baby


I am sort of doing both atm tbh

Vegan wrap, soya flat white. Standard Monday stuff.

think i want a baguette

More fish sushi, misery Tesco version this time. Waiting for it to warm to room temp as cold sushi is the worst. Already ate my punnet of cherries and have purple fingers as a result.

Haven’t decided yet
but I have gym tonight so need some sustenance!

tesco sushi, no thank you.

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Pasta bake leftovers from the weekend
Apple x 1
Orange x 1
Doritos Chilli Heatwave (40g) x1.

I’m eating soup with a veggie scotch egg in it as we speak. Dipping/dunking is the best.

how would you say those two fruits compare

cornish pasty and chips from the canteen

the server was v stingy with the chips