Monday lunch feat. BONUS QUESTION

Yeah it was bought as a healthier alternative to a sandwich but wouldn’t be a normal first choice. Still dreaming of my square sausage roll from last week.

They are literally incomparable.

Depends on what sandwich and soup tbb. Probably yes though, within reason.

To be belligerent*

Eggs, sausages, beans and toast for brunch.

Hm… misery sandwich. I’m in the process of doing an online food shop the now though so hopefully the rest of the week will be … less miserable.

I feel really uninspired with food at the moment, I want to start a recipe thread but I get the impression it might fall flat on its face like the millions before it.

what’s your go-to veggie sausage out of interest? Cauldron for me: not great, but better than anything else out there as far as I can tell…

Quorn usually. Tv prefers linda’s but im not crazy about em.

Obviously the sandwich has to complement the soup in some way for me to do the dunking.

Cheese and pickle sandwich into mushroom soup.

:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :nauseated_face:


omg the new lil face vomiting! that’s my new favourite.

Lindas are amazing, have you had the rosemary and red onion ones? Mega.

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Roast chicken with all the trimmings for me! Today is my Sunday.

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Mushroom soup freaks me out a little, it’s got a very weird consistency… almost foamy!? is this just me?



i like mushrooms but HATE mushroom flavoured things.

mushroom soup is so grim. it’s grey ffs.


otherwise you wouldn’t have ordered it you plum

Dont think theres any kind of sandwich that goes with mushroom soup.

Sausage and mash from the canteen. 8/10.

Baked potato with baked beans.