Monday Lunch Thread

I’m gonna have my lunch now

Home made salad, kind of Greek style: rocket & red leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, feta, kalamata olives & sun-dried tomatoes


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Salad sounds deece. Any dressing?

Got leftover arancini I made a couple of days ago, plus apple, yogurt and MONSTER CLAWS.

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Just had a slice of sourdough w/houmous

Gonna probs of l.macs in oven bottom muffins for my later lunch.

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Gonna buy some bread in a few minutes and then make a basic cheese sandwich.

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Bit early for lunch.
I’m going to try to hold out until half 12.
Really looking forward to my leftovers.

So far I have had a handful of root vegetable crisps, a little bit of R’s mac and cheese because I made slightly too much and… we have nothing good in so feeling a bit cba about proper lunch.

Got some Kabuto noodles, might have a sausage roll too. The cafe have stopped doing Sunday roasts until after summer so Monday is no longer roast beef sandwich day :disappointed_relieved:

Am eating the other half of last nights chickpea curry

Pret sweet potato falafel. Standard.

Can’t really find a quick vegan lunch as close to the office that I like as much as that one.

Gunna make a leek + pot soup but that’s for dinner. Probs have a cheese and pickle Sanger, a bag of cheese and onion crisps and 2 easy peelers for lunch

I spied a ham and pineapple pizza knocked down to a quid in Morrisons while I was doing the shopping. So that.

(I feel this should be justified by pointing out that I’ve not eaten for about 22 hours)

He forgot I said vegan and I got halloumi!!! It’s a monday miracle.


just a few splashes of balsamic & olive oil from the condiments rack at work

I even took a pic before I shoveled it into ma belly

t’was good


I’m an hour ahead innit


Had some of those lace ups last week, wasn’t sure about em.

Just realised my lasagne has peas in it

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Also Cajun wedges cos double carbs fuck yeah

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mini eggs