Monday Lunch

will probably have a £6 sandwich from the work canteen with avocado or something in it.

what about YOU???

no idea tbh. need to get my shit together and start putting healthy things inside my body.

so prolly a salad? of course as soon as i get in the cafe i’ll just order the filthiest looking sandwich they have

i’m starving but if i go to the work canteen before 12:15 they look at me like i’m a bit weird

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Bag of mini cheddars (Stilton flavour) and a cajun chicken roll. Might supplement it with some salad or something.

Was meant to have it yesterday but ended up having McDo.

trying to be good, so a salad and a fruit salad from the cafe downstairs

Also had a pre-lunch snack of two potato waffles and a splodge of mayo about half an hour ago

Wfh so leftover Chinese from last night

oooft i’d absolutely smash a bag of those rn

I had some of the smoked cheddar ones last week and they were such a let down, considering how good the stilton ones are.

I had a pulled beef bap with some spicy 'slaw ('slaw? I fucking ask you…) and spicy fries.

you ever make a sandwich using potato waffles as the bread? maybe saw it on an advert or a packet or something that was trying to sell potato waffles but have never tried it out

Yeah I used to do it all the time with a fried egg when I was a student for a cheap lunch, highly recommended

Had a couple of pork pies and some french fries (cheese and onion) didn’t touch the sides tbh.

Just had an egg & avocado salad with some pretty good hardbread thing which is actually not bread at all but just lots of nuts & seeds pressed flat into rectangles

Was alright+

decent, still hungry though

keyboard included for epimer’s enjoyment

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I’m going to try really hard this week to not eat any shit. So far so good today. Really will try not to eat any cakes, biscuits, sweets or chocolate until I go on holiday on Friday.

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pork pies, french fries, didn’t even touch the sides
TVs, deep freeze, david bowie LPs


Did you sit on your bag of crisps?

i’m going to try but i know that today about 2/3pm i’ll be in the office on my own, bored as fuck, and there is a gregg’s about a 2 min walk away and gregg’s have yumyums and i like them

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