Monday Lunch

there’s a taco bell opening 5 mins from my office soon

all hope will be lost

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4 mins now!

oh god

Baked potato with veggie chilli and some broccoli. It was fine.

i’d go a baked tattie actually


Don’t worry, a week of this shit and then going on holiday will mean I’m back to normal soon.

TBH it’s the volume of shit I eat. Sometimes after dinner I will have double pudding.

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This one was East Anglian, fyi.

*updates spreadsheet*

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A cheese and ham toasted sandwich except I forgot the cheese

still hungry, have a misery banana, do not want

had a v pleasant bike ride to the coast whereupon i consumed a veggie saus sarnie and a macchiato in a nice cafe

Having a meeting in the cafe/foyer of bertha dochouse, so just paid £££ for a small portion of hummus/flatbread and a coffee

London :(((


All day breakfast minus the egg then…?

Went to a healthy place called ‘Milk’, had mixed bean salad w/satay sauce. Soya flat white as well.

Hello :wave:

I had some :pineapple:

Red curry butternut squash, cooked in coconut milk with butternut squash, bamboo shoot, courgette and bell peppers. Served with brown rice.


sure but what did you have for lunch?

:blush: a cookie.

EDIT: Two cookies