Monday Lunch


anything doing? i’m just having a smoothie :muscle:


East Anglian baked potato with beans and some sweetcorn on the side.

Solid 6/10 lunch.


BLT, some jammy lebkuchen and a banana.


Tofu & Vegetable Ramen with a selection of fresh vegetables, seaweed & japanese pickles in miso stock.




I’m looking forward to the 18 replies in the my vitriol thread


1 x cheese and onion pastry roll thing
1 x salt and vin mccoys
1 x peanut butter kitkat
1 x banana
1 x miserable DiSer who wishes payday would hurrry up


gonna have some spicy pasta stuff for linner in a few hours. Gonna b dece


got a chicken wrap that had surprise mayo in it, so had to throw it away. no lunch for prof :cowboy_hat_face:


sammich from waitrose (xmas)
chili heatwave Doritos
one of these OMG amazing

have a banana for later


Need to leave soon :frowning:


Sausages mash cabbage gravy






I want some lebkuchen now


It’s alright, I’m on my lunch and have given up on working anyway


you have important work to do.


I had a sausage in a roll.


Falafel wrap from the takeaway. And a Pepsi.


Fish finger sarnie