Monday Lunch

what ya having? If lunch can’t save monday, nothing will.

Got a packet of meat flavoured crisps and some weird vegetarian pasta chilli stuff I made last night. I predict a 7/10 will not be positing pics x

Same shit as ever really.

1 x cheddar and cazza red onion chutney sandwich
1 x salt and vin mccoys
1 x banana
1 x reese’s peanut butter cups (pack of 3)

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is pasta vegan?



Soup (tomato and oregano)
Massive sausage roll
Might get cake?

pasty and chips from the canteen

it’s fine - came close to burning my tongue on the pasty, but think I got away with it

:grinning: caramelised.

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A can of veg soup and half a turkey sandwich (I’m trying to cut down on my bread intake), maybe a banana too.

fancy some wasabi tofu bento to be quite honest but dunno if i cba walking there

Some deep fried cheesy croquette things from the market and a strawberry smoothie. This is my last ‘I’m in barcelona’ post. Sad.

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gonna get some filthy sweet n sour tofu actually. god bless ned’s noodle bar.

fancy a kebab for some reason.

Does tofu count as filthy? :thinking:

Scrambled iggs and bacon.

If I cba to be get out of bed.

Got the leftovers from yesterday’s roast which I’m going to eat at my desk:

Just kidding I’m gonna have it down in the canteen

Half roast eater!

Canteen burger. There were NO CHIPS.

I’m fully outraged.