Monday Lunch

Been a while since I did one of these! Except it’s dinner time here but shh don’t tell anyone. I’m having an excellent pork belly bao with a chrysanthemum lemonade.


What are you having/wish you were having?


I’m having a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich from Co-op. Woo.

i’d take one of those tbqh

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I like a Bao bun - but they don’t half look funny eh?

I have a couple of cheese and pickle rolls - made with those oven bottom roll/ muffin things that all the shops seem to have now

probably have one of these

cheese and pickle sandwiches
sweet chilli sunbites
chocolate and orange soreen
some miniature heroes

Had a bbq chicken, bacon & pasta salad and a cranberry & ginger cereal bar.

Got leftover coconut and kale dhal, just hoying a slightly stale naan into it and plowing it into my filthy gob

What I’m having: leftover veggie chilli with rice.
What I actually want: @Unlucky 's curry and chips.

i need to buy washing detergent so whatever’s detergent adjacent.

4x Krisprolls
w/ Some cream cheese

Scotch egg

Stilton flavour mini cheddars

Boots Meal Deal:

Ham and philadelphia sandwich
Mango Machine smoothie thing
Marsh&Mallow bar thing

Nailed it.


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I’ve made a lovely lunch. Sourdough toast, tomato, avocado, halloumi, toasted pine nuts and fresh basil.

In your face Monday.




That looks delightful. I hope you’ve made two though.

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classy, classy lunch

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I made enough for two. And am eating it all.

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Haha that’s what I meant I wasn’t trying to steal any :grinning:

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Would definitely swap you some for a bit o’bao.