Monday Lunch

It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries why toasties makers are designed to be smaller than your typical British slice of bread. Brexit can’t come soon enough eh?

Cheese toastie
Orange juice
Banana corner with choco cornflakes

What you munching on?

it’s bangers and mash in the cafe

plus apparently there’s a salted caramel brownie

too much for lunch?

Who wants to be the person who could’ve had a salted caramel brownie and didn’t. Don’t be that person pn.


Just had my cheese and pickle sarnie

need a bit more food really - I’m going to pop out to buy a banana and something sugary and unhealthy

Bit runny for a toastie?

Ooh in before the deadline


Sainos meal deal

Got some of that tasty sea salt and black pepper bread from Mozzers yesterday so cheese and coleslaw in there. Dunno about the rest, banana, cheese tasters and some kind of chocco probs.

Now I look a right chump. Which I fully deserve!



If it’s anything like the stuff from Asda (which comes in baguette form) it’s the absolute nazz (so, so good with cheese)

Warm Brie and tomato chutney baguette.



Leftover mince and dumplings, Sainsbury’s own brand twix, coffee.

just smashed a driving lesson. think i’ll be ready to take my test soon.

gonna have cod for lunch.

It’s delish!

Leftover mac n cheese that I’ve livened up with some bacon and sriracha. Toffee flapjack for after. Coke.

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Work day so standard office lunch of Pret tuna sandwich.

Totally addicted to them. I think they must butter the bread as well as mayo-ing the tuna.

Wanted something else but all my bills came out yesterday so I’ve only got my bus fare left. Keep weighing up waking home in the rain so I can get a Twirl.

Nobody should ever go without a Twirl! Send me your PayPal and I’ll buy you a Twirl Scout!

Hokkaido Cream Of Mixed Mushroom, and a piece of flatbread

Haha please don’t. I have a drawer full of Xmas tree chocs at home that are getting eaten before they so much as see the tree :blush:

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